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  • wonwood wonwood Mar 19, 2013 9:01 AM Flag

    CNG Stations gaining Traction

    As we all know and have heard a million times using NG as a vehicle fuel is the ultimate "Chicken VS Egg" scenario. Nobody wants to build stations if there are no vehicles and nobody wants to buy a vehicle with no station to fill it.

    I have been watching the number of CNG Natural Gas stations coming online and I think we are starting to see the beginning of getting enough filling stations open to start really gaining real momentum. A year ago when I started tracking the number they were opening at a rate of less than one per every two weeks. About six months ago it was one per week and a half. The last 12 weeks the number has increased by 18 or about 1.5 per week. Granted that is still only about 80 new stations per year but when only 560 are open that is a 15% increase. By the end of 2013 if the trend continues it will be greater than 2 per week. These are not all CLNE CNG stations but just the total number. I know the number is not great but as a fleet owner I would not buy a NG vehicle with just 200-300 stations open (The number five years ago). However once you start thinking about 1000 stations open it becomes alot more realistic to drive around the country and be able to fill a vehicle.

    Looking at the NG station map what you are seeing is once there is a size able local concentration more stations come online in the outlying areas to service these vehicles. LA and Oklahoma city used to only have a bunch of stations located in the city. As those vehicles need to travel outside of the city demand creates new stations. If you go a hundred miles out of Oklahoma city in any direction there are at least 10 filling options where there used to be only one or two.

    Unfortunately I still don't have any in my area. I have 35 service trucks I would convert right now if we had a refueling network in central VA.

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