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  • flydon1954 flydon1954 May 17, 2013 9:04 AM Flag


    Obama is trying to get incentives for converting truck to NG , this will never happen , as the republican are to embedded with the OIL industry ,and their hand are tied because of the moneys they received behind closed door . Both parties are OWNED by the almighty DOLLAR , so if you think they are going to do ANYTHING for the pawns in this country YOUR DREAMING !!!!!

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    • Yeah right, another ill informed American...The problem with NG is the costs and timing in filling up trucks vs. pouring liquid into a tank in a few minutes. Do you have a clue in the pressure needed to liquefy natural gas then build the most expensive network of fueling systems everywhere as we have fuel stops today. It works say at UPS where they hokup the trucks evynight for hours to compress...Obama, yeah he is the leader just for it...

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    • All that is needed from obama on this issue is leadership. All he needs to do is tell america that we must lead the world in ng transportation. Our nation must have ng commeriial and private vehicles as a useful alternative to gasoline and desiel. He needs to challange the american people, business, and political leaders to do this by the end of 2015. He needs to explain that this conversion will mark a golden age which americal has never experienced in the past. A golden age of cheep energy which will be the life blood of the economy. the main beneficiary will be the middle class. Obama has known this for some time.

    • what is Obama not trying to get money for would be easier to answer

    • Pretending Republicans are in charge is an activity the hapless Democrats have engaged in since day one - when the Democrats held a super majority and still could not find the bathroom door.

    • A quick look at history will reveal that the Repub have voted down two times all NAT gas Acts. CLNE /Boone was supporting the Repubs but received a slap in the face from the rep house. In the mean time management is milking the company as they buy time for future ramp up "hopefully" with the repub in the White House. However Individual States are taking this transition in their own hands and the political agenda may be disrupted prior to the next elections. IMO this company has more loyalty to the politics than its shareholders. Therefore, I trade it accordingly to that philosophy and so far I'm in the green.

    • That's hilarious.....Obama is trying #$%$.....he never does anything that would be meaningful like this. He will focus on containing pressure cooker sales.......beerfests....gun control when society continues to get scummier......yada yada. Please for the love of God do not portray Obama as a hero here.....he is the most useless president we have seen in our lifetime and for his supporters to say anything positive at this point is a joke.

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