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  • teach_162 teach_162 Jun 24, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    The waiting game

    is catching up with CLNE. In the mean time Boone is getting a guaranteed high interest rate, Little keeps on boosting his salary with insiders' sales and longs are promised a dream for the sake of this country oil independence. Their BAF unit is silent while other companies are making inroads. I remember them mentioning during the CC that they kind of neglected that division. Well, what progress has this unit made and how much did it contribute to earnings?

    Greenkraft will use the three-valve engine for compressed natural gas upfits of Ford F-550, F-650 and F-750 trucks and B-59 strip chassis vehicles, says sales director Frank Ziegler.

    The company has more Ford engine certifications pending, bolstering a line-up that already includes 4.8- and 6.0-liter GM engines.

    CEC Buy-Down Money Awarded

    Greenkraft uses CNG fuel systems, including Type IV cylinders, from Quantum, Ziegler told F&F. Both 32.5 gasoline gallon equivalent and 65 GGE packages are available.

    Separately, Greenkraft is to receive $1,284,000 from the California Energy Commission, “of which $400,000 is reserved for the buy-down of 20 natural gas vehicles of 14,001 to 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, and $884,000 is reserved for the buy-down of 34 natural gas vehicles of 26,001 pounds gross vehicle weight and greater.”

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    • The waiting game continues, CLNE selling assets in exchange.... , share price decline after the announcement, ( note that the announcement did not affect the SP that day) insiders continue the selling, NG truck sale advances....Boones buys secured notes... AND THE CYLCE REPEATS , ...I will wait to reenter at the proper floor while Boone and his buddy cash in with their options and interest bearing assets.

    • the unscrupulous political and personal agenda of this company rubbing shareholders the potential explosive growth deserved, in a sector that has never been so promising. Pres.Obama is not running this company.
      Take a look at this company who has over 1000 mini stations open. That's commitment:

      “Unlike proponents of other alternative fuels,” states an Alliance release, “Alliance AutoGas does not build public fueling stations with the hope that people will begin using them. Instead, Alliance provides everything a fleet needs to successfully switch to propane autogas, including vehicle technology, refueling infrastructure, fuel supply and ongoing technical support.

      “In just three years, this fleet-first approach has enabled Alliance AutoGas to switch thousands of vehicles over to this cleaner, affordable, domestically-produced fuel. Alliance has helped its fleet customers offset thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions while preventing the transfer of millions of dollars to foreign oil suppliers.”

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