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  • wonwood wonwood Jul 16, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

    All the complaining about Stock Price and Executives

    I can't understand the posters here. 1/2 of the people are ranting about Boone and Littlefair's pay and stock compensation and the other 1/2 is complaining about the stock price.

    If you don't like the exec's why don't you sell your stock and move on? Nobody is forcing you to hold this stock. If you think your options are better at another stock, go buy that one. It really is that is that simple. If you have 10-15 investments they should be the 10-15 best ideas you have. Even if you have lost your #$%$ in this stock why not sell and move to another stock that has better prospects instead of complaining about the execs all day.

    As far as the stock price goes, CLNE has pretty much been a pure play on the Trucking industry switching to NG. They are never going to make enough off of Bus Fleets and refuse trucks to make you rich as an investor. THERE ARE ALMOST NO NG Trucks yet on the road other than a couple of test fleets. Westport just started shipping engines as we speak. If they stock is a 100 five years from now does it matter if it is $13 or $16 or $8 today? We are not only not in the first inning of the ball game, the players have not even started warming up yet. Why do you think the price would shoot up now when there are very few trucking users?

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    • It is still worth noting that one analyst has again and again in conference calls, to give, same store data. He is asking what the sales growth is YoY on stations opened more than 12 months, and guess what? Management has refused to answer that question saying they do not track or have the data. How can you run a company and not have data on gas station sales? Andrew keeps saying he needs 25 trucks to break even. Meaning he needs 500,000 gge to break even. In that case, they should be ready to provide data on quarterly basis how many of their current stations do 500k gge or more. So I do see that management is not providing relevant data on conference calls and most analyst are only interested in their models to fill in so they can get to revenue and eps but no really looking at prospect of the company. As you indicated, even though we are in the early innings, it would be nice to track progress so we can add or reduce our position by following of this stock and industry.

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      • I agree. I was very surprised with they said they did not have the people to track sales growth at stations. It seems to me that they would be tracking not only YoY but monthly, weekly and even daily
        volume at open stations. It should be easy to suck those numbers out of computer based accounting systems. I think that the next couple of quarters will be the make or break for me. If I don't see a significant movement toward profitability by year end I will move on to greener pastures.

      • Bravo kit. I bet some people are well privy of that info and they use options to make the big buck during the " waiting ". His famous repetitive come on is SOON. Let's be transparent.

    • Total agreement!

    • I just don't understand how they can spend so much time trying to save us from this bad investment and just regurgitating the same stuff time and time again. NG makes too much sense not to happen and the big capital investments have been made by WPRT and CLNE and the payday will come sooner than later.

    • jwtrice6 Jul 16, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

      Very well said wonwood.

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