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  • jwtrice6 Jul 30, 2013 8:33 PM Flag

    1st Qtr. Recap

    $20 Million for Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems Corp

    Clean Energy Fuels and Mansfield Energy – an oil jobber that branched into compressed natural gas with the purchase of Southern California’s GESI/Gas Equipment Systems, Inc. in March 2011 – report an agreement for Clean Energy to acquire Mansfield’s compressed natural gas fueling portfolio.

    Petroleum products and natural gas too as Clean Energy Fuels acquires Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems
    Petroleum products and natural gas too as Clean Energy Fuels acquires Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems
    The transaction is valued at approximately $20 million, as a combination of cash and shares. It is “designed to leverage Mansfield’s and Clean Energy’s sprawling North American real estate footprint.”

    Sales teams from both companies will offer Clean Energy’s natural gas fueling station construction and operational services, “supported by Mansfield’s large-scale fuel supply capabilities, and Gas-2-Gallons fuel management system creating a superior solution for the growing number of fleets making the switch to cleaner, cheaper natural gas.”

    Together they bring it all.
    Together they bring it all.
    Put another way, the pact assures a supply of conventional petroleum fuels, via Mansfield Energy, for customers at Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE) natural gas stations. And it brings needed back-end credit card acceptance and payment capability to Clean Energy.

    The deal covers 43 Mansfield service and operations contracts for CNG and 20 new CNG stations under development. They now join 348 CNG and LNG outlets operated by Clean Energy.

    ‘We Will Be the Best Solution’

    “This agreement joins two leaders of fleet fueling into strategic partners that will provide the highest level of service and best value for customers in the rapidly-growing natural gas fuel market,” Clean Energy president and CEO Andrew Littlefair said in a release.

    “No other company offers fuel customers the benefit of scale and expertise that Mansfield provides,” Littlefair said. “Clean Energy has built and operated more CNG stations and fueled more natural gas vehicles than any company in the U.S. Together, we will be the best solution in the marketplace.”

    “We want our customers to have the best solution possible for fueling with natural gas,” Mansfield CEO Michael Mansfield said in the announcement.

    Don’t Forget the Phill

    “We bring scale in commodity supply, risk management, and transaction processing,” Mansfield said. “Clean Energy has scale in design, engineering and operations. Bringing these strengths together for our customers provides the benefits of proven technology coupled with large scale operating efficiencies to provide the best value and simplest path to natural gas adoption in the market today.”

    Clean Energy also becomes the Western distributor of the BRC FuelMaker Phill home CNG fueling unit.

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    • you tell us the terms
      any of the terms
      I say clne gets 1 cent profit per gallon
      prove me wrong
      You can not because you know zero on the terms

      • 1 Reply to rbtsherman
      • Easy. Allow me to quote from their website:
        Can you explain why margins are particularly emphasized in in your reporting?....
        "Because approximately half of our sales contracts are structured on an index-plus methodology, whereby we add a fixed margin to the market price of natural gas we pay to purchase the natural gas we ultimately sell to our customers, we like to point out that although tracking revenue growth is important, it is not perfectly indicative of how our business is performing. In our business, the market price of natural gas can have a big impact on the revenue we earn related to these contracts, while at the same time not having any impact on the margin we earn on these contracts."

        The gross profit last quarter was 32 cents/gal. 4Q it was 21.

        The retail price of LNG/CNG has no effect on CLNE profit. Everyone thinks it does, but that's only because they have not read the information that is available.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • No REHASH OLD news is going to make this old dog bark. Tell you boss to buy in the open all the money he stanched for all those years if he really BELIEVES in the future of his company, CLNE. His words are worth a dime a dozen, the stock price is telling you that. A new responsible and apolitical management is in order for CLNE to thrive. If you have integrity, please give him my message. Thank you.

    • jwtrice6 Jul 30, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

      New Business Group to Consult, Design Facilities Modifications

      Clean Energy Fuels said late Tuesday that it’s created a Facilities Modification Services business unit to support – and build – maintenance facilities servicing natural gas fleets. Clean Energy’s new FMS “will offer a range of solutions ranging from basic consulting and design, to turn-key modification projects,” the company says.

      Clean Energy Fuels-BAF facility in Dallas
      Clean Energy Fuels-BAF facility in Dallas
      The new business unit “will work with long-haul trucking companies, municipalities, refuse haulers, taxi and other fleet vehicle operators to ensure their maintenance facilities are code-compliant,” says a Clean Energy [NASDAQ:CLNE] release.

      “A significant number of new natural gas vehicles are hitting the road every day, which has created the need for more natural gas-compliant maintenance facilities,” Clean Energy COO Mitchell Pratt says in the FMS announcement.

      ‘Engineering, Construction and Technology’

      “Clean Energy will now be able to respond to this growing demand,” he said.

      “We have built more natural gas fueling stations and converted more vehicles to run on natural gas than any other company in the U.S.,” said Tim Newman, who has been named general manager of the new unit. “I look forward to taking Clean Energy’s bench strength of engineering, construction and technology into this new opportunity.”

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      • jwtrice6 Jul 30, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

        Pact Disclosed in Clean Energy’s Road to Natural Gas, Volume IV

        Clean Energy Fuels has an agreement with GE Transportation – its first for rail – to provide liquefied natural gas for a GE initiative to test LNG locomotives, according to the fourth edition of Clean Energy’s Road to Natural Gas, released Monday.

        Clean Energy Fuels reported its first railroad fuel deal – with GE Transportation to provide liquefied natural gas a new initiative to test LNG locomotives – in its latest Road to Natural Gas update (Volume IV). An 'Evolution Series' GE engine is shown here.
        Clean Energy Fuels reported its first railroad fuel deal – with GE Transportation to provide liquefied natural gas a new initiative to test LNG locomotives – in its latest Road to Natural Gas update (Volume IV). An ‘Evolution Series’ GE engine is shown here.
        GE conducted a test using LNG in a converted dual fuel locomotive on May 24 in Erie, Pa., Clean Energy says. Fuel was provided from the Pickens LNG Plant in Texas, as was “fueling equipment and operational fueling consulting.”

        “Clean Energy’s fuel deal with GE Transportation expands our relationship with a company that is highly committed to the development of a market for a cleaner-burning, domestic fuel,” Clean Energy president CEO Andrew Littlefair said in a release.

        Road to Natural Gas, by Clean Energy Fuels, Volume IV
        Road to Natural Gas, by Clean Energy Fuels, Volume IV. Click the pic to automatically download the Clean Energy document.
        “Considerable strides have recently been made to propel America further and faster down the road to natural gas,” Littlefair said. He also cited recent word from UPS that it would add 700 new LNG tractors through 2014.

        ANGA Update at ACT Expo Next Week

        “Clean Energy will support the UPS expansion by opening multiple new stations on our America’s Natural Gas Highway,” Littlefair said.

        In addition to the GE and UPS mentions, the Clean Energy (NASDAQ:CLNE) document includes a long list of natural gas fuel agreements signed since the third edition was released on February 25 (F&F, February 26).

        Clean Energy VP Chad Lindholm will report on the America’s Natural Gas Highway initiative at ACT Expo in Washington D.C. one week from today.

        Jim Harger is chief commercial officer at Clean Energy Fuels.

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