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  • opssixteen opssixteen Oct 1, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    littlefair must be a frigging idiot !

    First he sells 8K shsres a month for over two years,,Then out of the blue he buys 125K or so and then 2-3 weeks later he has some big announcement to make...LMFAO criminal inside trading is more like the flavor of the day ! Yeah smart move buddy...why dont you just call the feds and have em pick you up at work today...

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    • Sheesh......................The 8000 shares a month has to do with accounting methodology associated with option grants in his compensation package. He isn't liquidating actual personal holdings. I always amazes me how dopey you guys are ?

    • revrnjim Oct 1, 2013 8:19 PM Flag

      Is it insider trading if he announces it to the world?

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      • Not insider trading at all. He buys stock legally and then he tries to advise all shareholders and the general public that good news is coming. The writing was on the wall with his stock purchase, and then he put the writing on the wall again on twitter. There was ample opportunity for shorts to close their positions and longs to get longer. Yesterday the stock starts to react to insider buying and tweats, just like it should. And now we have to listen to all the shmucks who ignored the the insider transaction and tweats. Had the CEO not purchased stock or tweated, can you imagine the complaining we would have heard on the 3rd. Amazed at some of this dialog?

      • certainly..inside trading is not about the announcement that he bought shares..its more about someone in management who knows pending information tha will affect a stock price..UP OR DOWN. So any time someone who is privy to this info acts upon such info or passes it to someone else to act upon just proir to the release to the public ...thats the real issue here. Example...I run a large company...Then out of the blue decide to selloff all my holdings at market..Then two weeks later announcne the company is in BK...likewise..making a large purchase just prior to good is not allowed to profit or act upon any info that they discover...IE martha stewart and hundreds of other cases if you simply google INSIDER TRADING,,I happen to be long CLNE,,,but truly think its absurd that any form of good news that rocks this stock upward would not cause great trouble for littlefair considering his recent sizable and ONLY purchase...and dont get me started about any management using a forum like twitter to discuss company news...Like wow ! simply amazing.

    • I don't think there will be any big corporate news on Thurs.
      I think it will be PR but hope I'm wrong. At any rate entering quarter 4 all eyes are now on 2014 and by 2015
      We should be well on our way
      Best of luck to all!

    • NO Management can buy shares outright. That's a straight Insider Trading. They have to submit their request to their BOD and upon approval it will go to trading desk. The entire process takes 2-3 months.
      I have reviewed the option sell and it is linked to his salary, so that doesn't count as insider sales.

      But I totally agree, tweeting a news impending is totally unethical practice. Not Warren Buffet or Apple business practice

    • releasing corporate news on a twitter account...LOL yeah I am the one who doesnt know what he is doing alright,,dont worry the SEC does...I am sure

    • Obviously, you do not understand what he is doing.
      So, HE'S the idiot?

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