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  • muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Mar 19, 2014 7:29 PM Flag


    All the media big mouths spouting energy independence.Endless low cost NG supply, etc
    It's all nonsense propaganda. The REAL oil men know otherwise. Not so long ago NG was
    $13mm cf. That's what all the rest of the world is paying now. Fracking boom totally distorted
    the picture . NG hit low of a little over $2 . That's because all the e&p cos. overproduced.The
    REAL story is this:The first yr of prod can use up to 50% well prod, 2 yrs up to 70%. Becomes
    more expensive to drill. Price WILL go up dramatically. Wasteful Americans will drain supply.
    Oil cos .don't know how to say no because of massive investments. Cheap NG will disappear.
    Then what? NG lose competitive edge? We are being DUPED by the politicos into believing
    this some sort of salvation. Furthermore at some point ground water will be contaminated,

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    • there is some truth in what you say Muck. Well production does fall off sharply compared to conventional drilling. But often secondary drilling from the same platform will restore production and can be done several times.
      Further, the expanse of exploitable shales is pretty enormous in the US and in other countries.
      It appears methane leakage from loose drilling and handling practices will offset the environmental benefits of NG.
      I wonder how long LNG will be allowed because of the off-gassing?

    • .....Yep like I figured time is running out on those puts.....Thus a ridiculous post like this.....tick tock......

    • so yesterday when Boone said there was 100 years of NG in Md, Pa and w Virginia he was ?

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      • Cold winter has run NG prices from low of 2.06 to high of [briefly] $ 3mos
        . It's settled down to $2.96. still up 40% from low. if it, rises40% yr in 10 yrs
        - get the point. Generally speaking U S. has overexploited precious natural
        resources. Today we have little production from peak,i.e.copper,Atlantic & now
        Pacific salmon [price of which is double in 2 yrs] to buffalo almost extincted to oil,
        which in the 1930's was as low as .30c/bbl Thanks to Teddy Roosevelt we still have
        Sequoia trees, Gr. Canyon & Yellowstone. etc. Americans never stop.destructive ways
        WORST thing we could do is allow export of NG, which will ultimately self sabotage.
        ourselves All I'm saying is NG is not the panacea it's cracked up to be.Even Boone
        understands this. Any impact on CLNE - time will tell. What's stock worth? $6 [BV]

      • you forgot to say, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

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