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  • teach_162 teach_162 May 19, 2014 10:52 AM Flag

    The verge for CLNE

    IMO, is coming to a very thin line where if they keep on playing the waiting game for political reasons it will lose the greater market share needed to be profitable. Other companies entering the area are expanding at a greater rate than CLNE, so politics will come to bite and will be very detrimental for CLNE shareholders. With another election in the horizon the NG story for transportation will have to be revisited by the Repubs and votes will fire up decisions. If CLNE wants to stay ahead of the game it can no longer play this waiting game and let the shareprice be manipulated by manipulators because of a political agenda. I support a fiscal responsible management that has shareholders interest at heart NOT a political agenda.

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    • How is the verge treating CLNE today? @9.59 10% down from the CEO appearance Fast Money . What a concerted scam!

    • imo we need all the players we can get to move the ng movement along one company cant do it all
      the time will come that we may have to worry about competition but not today or anytime in the next
      few years

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      • what we need is for this company to start treating shareholders fairly and stop using this company as a cash machine for insiders. When the street will recognize that every effort is being made to become profitable by all means available by all equity holders, it will come out of the MUD. All the increase in NG sale cannot support the inequitable lavish corporate expenses and the number of executives hired. Few insider buys and few new openings masquerades their major problems in dealing with the BOTTOM line. Until such time when investors feel confortable with this losing investment, will continue to sell at the first rebound. No news or appearance by this management has been able to stem investors' negative sower taste and sustain any price appreciation, any small gain was a signal to sell. Highly manipulated ........So when fellow posters fall for how many more trucks it takes to become profitable, Little/Boon is again feeding again to the deceiving dream/plan.
        Any new management could turn this company profitable by end of year.
        The NG movement is well and alive but CLNE management seems more interested in their own wealth accumulation and not the companys'. in the mean time competition is growing by leaps and...
        Why even bother go on the air and announce that 63% of refuse are NG they are the major suppliers to the refuse and transit AND how come they are still losing money? Should investors wait until 100% of all refuse and transit are NG in order for CLNE to be profitable?
        They KNOW where the source of the problem relies BUT are they willing to cut the FAT?

    • Then you should avoid companies where Boone is involved.... Look at his water, wind and nat gas deals...all had a political agenda. IMO

    • robertfago May 19, 2014 11:05 AM Flag

      Can you compare the expansion of other companies with CLNE Please ?

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      • clne got the station money from diluting their stock 20% a year
        Investor are a where of this and are not going to allow with out a huge penalty
        So where are they goingto ge t the money for new
        They are not
        So all new will be where they provide little a less mark up as they will not be providing much
        They can still do airports ans land fills as these allow them to borrow against their 10 year contracts
        Heck with dilution and federal rebate they did not make money

      • look up love's trillium, there is a long list of recent newcomers... IMO the reality is that CLNE did not address an aggressive opening of new stations to play the waiting game for political reasons, and to maximize their executive wealth accumulation. Now they realized that the competition is at their heels and decided to dust off the already built stations with minimum number of trucks, and reducing construction of new stations. WOW they got it? the street gave them a little thumb up. All is well BUT since their corporate bonanza is so high they will be walking a very tight rope that will limit awarded contracts and more competition will be present. Hall of shame!

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