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  • sunseeds777 sunseeds777 Mar 9, 2009 4:54 PM Flag

    Has the CNI bought the Egypt railroad?

    Pity they didn't buy the buy the Crab Orchard & Egyption Railroad. But...

    Wonder what's the chance of them buying up the FEC trackage right of way to the Florida Keys all the way down to Key West.

    If Obama was looking for a way to create some high paying jobs rebuilding the old train bridges which some have been torn down over the years for small boat navigation.

    Imagine riding Amtrak from Miami to Key West and back for a nominal fee. Amtrak would love that!!

    No doubt, somebody is gonna say... Where are they going to put it at ? No doubt, it'd have to be terminated at or near Big Pine Key...

    Which could also serve as the place where if one of these days the US and Cuba Governement worked together on creating a British Tube (undersea tunneling system under the ocean).

    Imagine, totally bypassing Key West for a two hour trip by rail under the Florida Keys and Gulf of Mexico to a trip to Havana Cuba.

    What a ride that'd be !!

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    • FEC just lacks the resources for something like that, so it'd have to be government backed.

      Can you imagine what a few Genesis locomotives would look like flying across those bridges. Some American tourist would be poking along in their cars behind some old rusty car or truck and flying by on Amtrak would be some international tourist, looking out the window of all that blue ocean and all those fools in their cars behind this old clunker poking along.

      They could easily run 2-3 trains daily up and down those tracks. Maybe more and offer a light freight service, post office would love that!!

      And the car traffic would stay the same. You know, Americans - We're always a little slow to catch on.

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