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  • ducks40 ducks40 Jan 13, 1999 7:29 AM Flag


    someone emiled me about kana and messags got
    deleted. Been posting kana on eweb board for awhile and we
    got a jump. Pcbm is next this week are next. Float
    1.5mm rumor is big news on co...don't say you don't
    know on pcbm. Look for mms try to bring down kana
    before news on 27th.

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    • What happened? Do you think the market is telling
      you something? Well, IT IS!!! It is telling me that
      EWEB is a $1.00 stock at best. Until they start making
      a serious profit, that is where they will stay.
      1999 will be the year many internet companies will be
      seperated like the men from the boys. EWEB is a boy. Let me
      define that further. It is like some punk kid. Don't
      expect much from this company in 1999. I wish everyone
      would stop posting a bunch of HYPE. This board is full
      of pumpers. They need to take a REALITY check. There
      are many better internet companies to invest in.

    • I think he did actualy sell the shares, if you
      look at
      the link
      the is a value of 70,000 in the value

      On the other hand where can I check for the Form 4
      to see if it has been filed, or how long after the
      sale has the seller
      to file the transaction.

    • Did Cohen actually sell shares yet? I see no
      record of a Form 4 filing that must take place
      immediately upon sale of shares. Form 144, which he filed,
      showed only his intent to sell 35,000 within the next 90
      days. Perhaps he believes the share price will be
      substantially higher in the near future. Anybody want to call
      and ask?

    • Why did Cohen sell 35k shares, only 10k remaining
      on the lead up to the end of quarter

    • I think everybody knows it at this stage
      It is
      difficult to buy or sell this stock at
      this stage, 1/32,
      not much of a margin
      I have been following this
      stock for over a year now
      it has never traded in
      such a narrow range for so long.

      As for other
      longs, which may have come and gone
      or are now on the
      VIPER, THRUSTMESTEVE (is here as long as I am, I guess
      she must have got back into the stock now)

      Just as the stock hasn't budged, the notice board has
      been so quite, I wonder has one of these
      been pushing the stock to their members.

      think one thing we can be sure about is that this
      will be positive, making EWEB on of he few Internet

    • I hope your right. This is the one and only stock I have had any patience with. I figure I will sit with it until it moves up or just dies out.

      Thanks for the information.


    • If you have got 25k shares, EWEB could easily go
      up 5x to 10x
      from here,

      When I was
      speaking with Genova I asked him what the future plans
      were for EWEB, he did mention that they were looking
      at acquiring another ISP in a neighbouring country
      and were in talks at the moment and it was looking

      As he said himself, they were in the process of
      building revenues
      and the share price would

      I got the impression that they were looking at mid

    • Told you to buy Disney at $29, it's $36 (1

      Told you to buy DBCC at $18, went to $38 (3

      Buy NITE (the stock of the MMs themselves). Friday
      close, $41 15/16. $60 to $70 by Friday.

      You sold
      EWEB at $1 15/16. Bad move. It's $2 1/32.

      I'm the losing chump?

      Buy EWEB. Hold EWEB. If
      they declare positive earnings, you're

      There's four tips I've given you.

      Now, other than
      spam, what have you got for anyone here?

      Put up,
      or shut up.

    • ALL of the time. You are good at losing money. Good luck chump.

    • Still long with almost 25k. EWEB is in the building.
      Regards to my partners.

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