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  • lakeshire lakeshire Dec 9, 1999 4:22 PM Flag

    Scardy-cats getting out..

    The good news is that since we are near oversold,
    short term downside should be very
    limited. The
    bigger plus is that we have
    held above 4 during this
    correcting process.
    Of course nobody on this board knows
    a VALID turnaround will come. Nobody on
    board knows how strong the forthcoming bounce
    be. My GUESS is that the bounce will
    come within
    the next two trading days. If
    no new developments
    occur, then I GUESS that
    the rebound will be at
    minimum .50 with
    potential to reach close to 6.

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    • i make it a general policy to never average down
      on losing propositions b/c it usually leads to a
      good old fashioned gutter fucking but what the
      hell....i took the plunge and doubled down

      i hope this stock grows some legs soon.....