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  • seaview_98 seaview_98 Dec 10, 1999 1:36 PM Flag

    Come On People!!

    The World is still being wired ,Governments are
    still trying to get all schools online.
    The job
    won't be complete until evryman woman and child surf
    the web.

    The knowledge of the entire world
    resides here!
    We want a monitor on every desk.
    the rest of the world..keep up if you can..
    game is knowledge and productivity...

    How much
    better with a computer are your children than you?
    you know?
    Well their children will have those
    monitors on their desks !
    We are NOT going to drop this

    please ad your comments..

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    • -specialists
      -offshore accounts

    • <eom>

    • do with lenux? They should start something.
      Anyway, we don't need no stinking lenux!
      A good week ended, next week will be positive, and closer to the Jan date.


    • I have accounts with 3 different brokers and each
      and everyone of them have told me exactly the same
      thing. You cannot short a stock under 5$ and eweb has
      some type of nasdaq rule or it's ewebs rule that a
      stop loss order is not acceptable. I trade with
      1800daytrade, Ameritrade and prudential. When I get the same
      story from 3 different sources I tend to believe it. I
      wish you would turn me on to a source that can tell me
      different I would appreciate it very much. As I understand
      it, there is too much risk involved in shorting a
      stock under 5. The maximum one could make is 5 points,
      the losses can be unlimited. I have the feeling the
      rule is in effect to protect us from ourselves.

    • There are ways around that rule that apparently
      YOU don't know about, and if you claim that there is
      no short interest in this stock, then you also need
      to understand that lack of short interest in a stock
      adds great risk. You're the one screaming here. I'm
      long this stock just like you, but unlike you, I'm
      being realistic. Get real.

    • a little disappointed we did not go a little
      higher but hey, we are up and held well. So many smaller
      stocks flying last couple of days keeps traders and
      investors elsewhere. But, we are so ready to fly like these
      other guys. If EWEB releases any news early next week
      with KPN mentioned, then people will get the
      connection. Think Monday will be good after people read about
      KPN deal over weekend and maybe read old news
      releases. EWEB's time has come. I have been around since
      last year on and off and always seemed to sell right
      before a run-up. I am holding very long this time!! Have
      a great weekend everyone!

    • vering you evidently do no know that you cannot
      short a stock under 5 dollars. Onother point is stop
      loss orders cannot be taken for this stock either. Now
      on another front, a couple of things that I've
      noticed, first of all the buys were in quite large blocks
      driving the price up. After the price is up a sell order
      is executed for 100 shares and that drives the price
      down. The other thing is with the announcement by KPN
      which will come any day now those trying to make
      nickles and dimes are going to be buried. This will take
      off in the very near future. Kpn will put out press
      releases and Duetsche Bank will find another firm to
      upgrade eweb and we will be off to the races.

    • CONVERGENCE.............and EWEB is smack in the middle.........LOVE IT. MOLE

    • become reality. Think of enslavement under
      communism for over 40 years. Think of the massive
      nothingness of existence. Wasted lives and generations. And,
      now all at once a new day has dawned. The internet
      provides hope, communications par excellance, freedom to
      express and maintain dominion. The Western Capitalistic
      Structure will prevail. Central and Eastern Europe will
      rejoice. Thank you technology and Providence for giving us
      the internet...and yet...isleepwell