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  • chrompturd chrompturd May 21, 2007 3:29 PM Flag

    Amended Sale of EPDM Filing

    Do you think this means that Chemturd is going to get more money than they thought they would??!!! You know those Dow(n and out) Guys are a wily bunch. Probably convinced the would be buyers that all the $hit they have been putting into the deep wells is actually work-in-progress inventory.

    Can't wait for the next morsel of goods news out of this gem.

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    • The 8-K filed after yesterday's close suggests that the price of the EPDM division was lowered from $162.5m to $142m. Oddly, the company's press release only mentioned that the purchase agreement was "amended". My, they do seem somewhat penurious with information when it's not good news. I wonder what else they don't bother to tell us?

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      • Over 10% price reduction and that is not material! Perhaps if they wacked 13% off of their take home cash pay and benefits they might gain a greater sensitivity to the definition of 'materiality'. what a bunch of crooks and thieves. better rape, pillage and plunder while the goods are there, they can always apologize later.

      • Sorta like the old saw about why people from Alabama (you pick the state) are happy to be only the second dumbest state in the Union - at least they can say they are not from Arkansas. Big Boobby sits up on that brownfield site in Middlebury and says well at least I'm not Vinny the Ginny!

        Oops gotta run there is an all hands meeting with Greg Mickey D and the championship for Bull$shit Bingo is on the line!!

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