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  • Eggplant101 Eggplant101 Jan 16, 2008 5:42 PM Flag

    Who's right now????

    do you think the CEM dividend is safe?

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    • Who really cares about the measely dividend on this stock.

      Even at $6/share, 20 cents is only a 3% yield.... A money market still ( but not for very much longer) gives you a better yield.

      The fact is that this company really can't ( and hasn;t been able to for a long time now) afford even this small dividend.

      Remember back in the Cook days of good old Witco, when he borrowed heavily to INCREASE our dividend.... alot of good that did us huh, It signaled the beginning of the end for Witco ( as opposed to the end of the beginning)

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      • I find it fascinating that you are able to lead a dual life; once as an in the know (and still some it appears) employee of Uniroyal / Shitco / Chemturd, yet somehow accumulated the capital to afford ski trips and hawaiian real estate ventures on only a 12.5% return.

        Given that you seem really proud of that 12.5% return, I suspect it was not through investment skill. So was it the lottery, or an inheritance? Surely not through labor, as no one who labors for money is never as liberal and tax expansive as you appear to be.

        I suspect your post is fiction, frankly. What's with it being 10 deg in Vail, and 78 in HA, a truly independent sojourner would be in HA, not CO, this moment.

        BTW - the continuation of the (albeit foolish) practice of a divided for this company is what hedges the stock at such a low price, and his question is also, psychologically, the key question for a long at this point.

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