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  • hilton_roberts hilton_roberts Jan 23, 2004 11:24 AM Flag


    How is that?
    The price goes up and to realize profit you must sell. With companies like NFI and others, they also go up, split AND pay dividends. One can opt to reinvest or just let the cash accumulate.

    That is a combination that is very tempting. I bought and sold a LOT of SBUX, NSIT and others when the price was fluctuating a lot. Now that the prices have somewhat stabilized, one can do a whole lot better with a dividend paying stock that ALSO increases in shareholder value.

    The price can fluctuate but as long as the dividends are coming in, the actual price of the stock is less important.

    NFI for example is paying me $3500 every three months whether the stock goes up or down.

    As long as the dividends are there, I sell a few on the rise and buy on the dip to accumulate shares and .....the divy.

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    • you're kind of beating a dead horse. You have to realize Starbucks doesn't pay a dividend. Berkshire Hathaway doesn't either and Warren Buffet has done pretty well holding it for the long term. Until recently Microsoft didn't pay a dividend and Bill Gates did pretty well holding it. If you want a stock that pays dividends that is a reasonable requirement for you to have but please don't preach about it. Others including Warren Buffet don't agree with you. John Templeton used to say don't worry about the dividend. If you need income just sell enough stock each quarter to get the money you need. If you must invest in Starbucks,sell enough stock each quarter to get the money you need. Otherwise sell your stock and go somewhere else. Just don't preach about your prefernces. You're in the wrong stock if you require a dividend. If you think a stock must pay a dividend to be a good investment, you don't understand history or stocks.

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      • As to dividends, the deal is for '04, as to the tax angle means much more or '03 for that matter. It's a more important issue when money market is paying less than 1% for many. SBUX is not 5 years public, not 8 years, but more than a decade for cryin' out loud. They do NOT want to, have said NO TOO...despite many demanding it, like many larger caps today, to be realistic and expense stock options, yet print those like there IS no tomorrow. Now, the Johnny come lately is here and you pump this but you would not buy it at this level.
        Green Mountain, got hit with their first downgrade in a long while today. GMCR. Check out the 10% damage very quickly. Don't kid yourself what a call can do to this one. It's just a matter of time. If not, then this tree grows to the sky and we all clasp hands with each other and kneel down before Frick and Frack in Seattle and say Hail Starbucks. Oh, I forgot you do that already.

      • I am not trying to preach about anything.

        Just stating a fact. I do not require a dividend before I put money into a company. It is a fact though, a stock that increases in value AND pays dividends is a better investment than a stock that shows a $10 increase in price since May of '02.

        If you are happy where you are, more power to you. I have bought and sold a whole lot of Starbucks over the years and have made money.

        I hope you do too.

    • There was a company (ERF) very similar to NFI that I invested in recently for the same reasons you like NFI. Great growth + High Yields. However, being an energy company, it had a great deal of competition. The price dipped enough to bother me and I immediately sold it. Starbucks, on the other hand, has never bothered me, and I have had it since 2001. I would take some of the money from those $3500 dividends you get and put it in Starbucks. Diversity is good. Also, why haven't you been posting on the NFI board. You know they have one? See

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      • Yeah,
        I know they have a board and I check it a lot.

        I do not post a lot and the only reason for starting this on SBUX was my past history with the stock.

        My brother is pretty shrewd when it comes to money and his advice has always been to look at two major things before you put down your money. What is the upside to this stock? If you buy a stock....any stock say at $36 and the upside is figured around $40, there is no room, or very little for profit unless there is a dividend.

        If you could buy something like XLA....I bought a bunch of that for $3 and $4 and sold it for $215, then you are making your money on the "come." That does not happen often and that particular stock is tanked and pays no money at all.

        NSIT was another really good one, buy at $23-$28 and sell at $43 or so. But there again, they do not pay anything. If you have money in a stock at the high end of the trading range and no divvies, you do not have an investment at all. You are helping the company build it's business, you are taking the risk and getting nothing for it.

        Like I say, I have been long in SBUX before, but have not had any for a couple of years.

        I still look at it though..

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