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  • OZ___________ OZ___________ Jan 28, 2004 10:17 AM Flag

    people who have lost tons of money

    dwell on meaningless details. It gets their minds off their mistakes and losses. It's a trap they are in. Instead of trying to learn new things they dwell on the past and try to blame others for their past mistakes. Sucessful people learn from their mistakes and move on. Lossers keep repeating the same thing over and over.

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    • We are paying 1.60 or so for 87 Octane depending on brand. WaWa's prices don't hold a candle to Freestate, which is cheaper by far. I have no problem with pumping my own. In fact, I'd rather pump it myself.

      WaWa's prices on gas here seem no better than your average gas station. It also looked like they jacked up the prices inside on other goods. It wasn't a place I'll stop at again.

    • Just filled up. Full service by the way, they pump it, I don't/////..... gas at
      ** $1.45/9. What are you paying? Most stations here are around $1.50 for regular.

    • the_real_phony_totally_fake_guy the_real_phony_totally_fake_guy Feb 2, 2004 12:24 PM Flag

      Some of the biggest consumers at WAWA are cockroaches, at least the ones I am familiar with. It seemed they were never cleaned properly. As I mentioned earlier, if you were not fast they would steal your change.

    • Yep, that's right! Have you ever been in a WaWa, or Starbucks? WaWa prices were higher than 7/11 or other type convenient marts. Gas was no cheaper than a regular gas station.

      The coffee was typical gas station mudwash. I could have held up the Saturday newspaper and read it through 3 glasses of the crap. Wasn't much more than warmed water. I'm serious. Standard gas station weak coffee. Tasted like it was 3 hours old and wrung through an old towel.

      I also bought this sandwich wrap. Was roast beef and pepperjack. Very disappointing. They stacked all 4 pieces of beef up right in the middle where it was cut, made it look like a hearty sandwich, but just an inch on down the wrap there was only one thin slice, then 3 or 4 inches from the end, there was no beef. WHERE's the BEEF????? Never again. They suckered me in.

      If any of you are wondering out there, WaWa is not worth it. Stay away is my strong recommendation.

    • Don't like any time soon for SBUX to get into the bread or any more food than they already do, according to the article in Fortune 500.

    • I guess I shouldn't have ruined it for you. Those bags of powder are most places idea of upside coffee. Denny's uses them. 7-11, even my own cafeteria. I liked them the first couple of times (something different) and then they started to taste yucky.

      I am not against trying other types of coffee. I'v even had that Green Moutain brand. It didnt seem like anything special to me. I was just against aiding and abetting a certain poster's attempts to ruin this message board with off topic posts.

      What I would consider more compition to SBUX are places like the Atlanta Bread Company which oddly enough is right across from a SBUX. They make their own bread and pastries and SBUX just has a deal with someone to have them delivered.

      These different "bread" restuarants are gaining popularity down here. The Atlanta one has every kind of coffee SBUX has and maybe more choices.

    • <<<Kind of tastes like peppered coffee for those who have never tried it.>>>

      I walked to the CC's Coffee House located at the front of my neighborhood and tried their Caf� Au Lait coffee (which, in Louisiana, always comes blended with chicory in addition to milk - as you pretty much pointed out). Anyway, you were right, "peppered" is a good way to describe it.

      As for the actual CC's Coffee House, it was the first time I visited this location. The inside was just as nice as the nearby Starbuck's I recently described. Instead of being cosmopolitian and swanky like the two non-Barnes & Nobles Starbuck's I visited, the CC's had an Brazilian/Old World scheme going on.

    • <<<john those cappuccinos you are bragging about are a powdered mix that comes in a bag. After I saw what it was made it, it ruined it for me. powerdered coffee vs. brewed coffee made from grounds.>>>

      Firefly333, it turns out you were completely correct. I haven't had one of my gas station French Vanilla cappuccinos in a good while, so I decided to go have one again since I was just discussing it with you last night. I drank two cups of coffee today. First from a our local regional gourmet coffee chain, and then from the Exxon "On the Run" located on the major intersection by my neighborhood. The "On the Run" looked *exactly* like the one pictured on its website (, except I didn't notice any tables like the two they have in the bottom of the picture. These "On the Runs" are like the SBUX of gas station convenience stores. Anyway, they served two types of coffee. First they had six different brands of Green Mountain. Second, they had the cappuccinos, which were made by General Food's Interantional Coffees brand ( It turns out this is the exact same powder that I used 6-7 years ago to make French Vanilla cappuccinos (I'd mix the powder with water and some steamed milk from a can, and then microwave). Anyway, now I remember why its been a while since I've had one of these things. They still taste fine and everything, but you can *immediately* feel the powder going straight to you stomach and just sitting there. It feels pretty nauseous. I guess I'm getting old. :)

    • Wakem,

      Last month you spoke of shorting (at $33 if I remember correctly)... I thought this stock was due to slide, but instead January has been a month of glee for the Antihomer. I hope you covered before things got this painful!

      I'm on record saying this stock will have a high above $38 for this year, and a low of considerably less value, but who knows what tomorrow will bring....

      Good luck, and I hope to see wawa's in the convenience stores nationwide before the decade ends! - bbalg

    • JohnBR,
      The stores here are Circle K also. I use the '7-11' as kind of a catch all term for all of the quick stop stores. Actually most of the ones here are Diamond Shamrock, Exxon, Texaco and Citgo. All of the majors now have their convenience stops. For that matter most of them are open 24/7. They all have their coffee machines. I have tried the french vanilla and other coffee drinks and it is quiet good. Most of those drinks are powdered just as firefly said. My only complaint is they taste a little to sweet. Not a Starbucks. But as everyone knows, they are in a totally different ballgame. There is NO ambiance buying a quick stop coffee. Never will be...not intended to be. From here on the great gulf coast I wish all of you a fabulous Super Bowl weekend.

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