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  • heyiamthenewguy heyiamthenewguy Feb 10, 2004 5:09 PM Flag

    Creating a Demand

    What I like about this company besides the quality of product and how it is delivered, how the company takes care of it's employees, and customers, etc is the fact that while, as has been mentioned lately on this forum, overall coffee consumption is decreasing, specialty coffee consumption is increasing by leaps and bounds.

    Starbucks is directly and solely responsible for that increase. Starbucks is breaking ground here. Bringing a great product to the masses and creating the demand. They are not responding to the demand as are the majority of the "competitors". DD, MCD, Peets, 7-Eleven and others are jumping on a bandwagon being driven by Starbucks. Starbucks is not only driving the bandwagon, they built it.

    That is why Starbucks longs have and will continue to be richly rewarded. This train will travel to all stops across this country and World. The journey has only begun.

    You have a choice here. Ride up in the engine, or back in the caboose.

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    • Poor wakem...

      He doesn't own any.

    • How many shares of Starbucks does Berkshire H. (Buffett) own? Anyone know the history of those purchases or sales?

    • Funny you mentioned that. Because I drew a direct parallel between Starbucks today and Berkshire's buy of Coke in the 1980s...

      Glad I'm someone else besides me sees the parallel.

    • You still don't get it. Peet has NO intentions of expanding retail in ANY major way outside of CA/WA.

      Old Guard, New Guard, doesn't matter. The company has stated it's intentions and plans for expanding it's brand. They are ON RECORD stating that they have no intentions to grow like Starbucks has.

      It's not going to happen. You are investing with faulty logic.

    • << It's in its very early infancy as to growth as to both stock and brand. We can't really say that about Bud, Coke, Micky D or Starbuck's. The stocks had a strong run in their early stages. That's when to buy before anyone thinks they are going anywhere. >>

      You continue to validate your status as the resident Village Idiot. The "early years" of Bud, Coke, McD last 20 - 30 years for these stocks. Why don't you take an ad in the Wall Street Journal advertising your services as a "contra-indicator" for stock purchases. All someone would have to do to make money is take your advice and do the opposite.


    • Let me say this about that.You may have noticed the change of the old guard at Peet's. The thrust of management, the younger and newer has that marketing expertise to take Peet's to another level out of the confines of CA. Sure, they've room to grow that market where they are known as to the brand, why not? Do you recall when New Yorker's did not know what a Starbucks was? Would of been nice to of nibbled at the stock when they said? Starbucks? Starbucks WHO?A company with a niche product will always find its market and also could become a very desirable subsidiary gold standard brand of a larger entity. I try to look at per share as to forward P/E, POG, cash & equivilants on hand per share, the book value, the price to sales ratios and we'll have numbers for the last quarter in a few hours on Peet's. Stay tuned.

    • Wakem. Wake up. Peets is not an early Starbucks. Just not going to happen. Not in their game plan.

      They plan to mostly stay regional as to retail and expand via online, grocery, etc.

      This company will never break new ground or become anything even remotely as successful as Starbucks is.

    • firefly..
      we have passed all resistance levels on the upside. Blue skys ahead. Only thing that would be a concern if any, eventually would be valuation.

    • Disrespect the President, not really. I respect the office, not in praise as you may be in that person and their cabinet that is in office. I support the troops 100%. I did not vote for BUSH I or II and would never vote for them under any circumstance. Is that disrespect? I have an opinion as you do. We agree to disagree about that issue.
      I don't have to like BUSH I or II to love my country.

    • I wondered where Wakem was? Then I see you replied to him and remembered I finally put him on ignore. The one thing I wouldnt listen to is disrespecting our president. I didnt' knock Clinton and I wouldnt read continued disrepect of our current president.

      No wonder foreign companies can't respect us. Too many Americans like Wakem.

      Maybe if we all just gave up arguing with him we can talk about SBUX.

      New high today. Sweet huh.

      Any charters? Where do you think we will hit resistance?

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