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  • firefly333 firefly333 Aug 4, 2005 1:15 PM Flag

    FRED taking a pounding -bblor pick 2004

    Remember last year when bblormoron said to buy FRED because of the great value? Shows a pe of 23, way too high for a grocery store, and just warned. OUCH.

    If I remember bblor said to buy this one in the 17s last year....ooops...its back to the 16s now. Hope you took the money and ran. So much for your bragging of a better pick than SBUX.

    Market Pulse: Fred's July same-store sales fall 1.8%; misses goals
    Thursday August 4, 7:56 am ET
    By Rex Nutting

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Sales at Fred's Inc. stores open more than a year decreased 1.8% in July, the company said Thursday. The discount general merchandise retailer warned that it would likely miss its target for second-quarter earnings by 2 cents per share, after a sharp slowdown in sales in the final two weeks of July. "Unfortunately, we cannot determine whether this situation involves a timing shift, where sales would be recouped in August, or if it underscores a change in consumer sentiment in light of current economic conditions," said CEO Michael J. Hayes

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    • Edit my prior with, "measured". lol.

    • Spaticuss said, "In the exchange with Pumbah, Toady clearly was the instigator." No dearest, GED
      struggling, Spaticuss. P and I were having a fair and open verbal exchange. It was civil, go back and read the posts, until he blew a gasket and became
      vulgar: he has since apologized. Remember personal attacks are your foible, must I always remind you of this, hmm. Stick to stock talk will ya'.
      Your insight, so far, is quite balanced. Strength is
      measure by knowing your weaknesses. Get a clue.

    • Punbah does need to grow a thicker skin, FF. And i quote you, " weak willing folks would not be in the market. You have a lot to learn." I am flattered to
      see he thinks I am your Chief mentor. However he
      is totally wrong. I have learned more sense and sensibilty from you than any other poster here. You are, IMO, worth ten of him. And now, ala Spaticuss,
      he is taking cheap shots at me through indirect posts. Lol. Have we seen this before or what?

    • "greater esteem from you Chief mentor..."

      I know you said you just started shorting in July and a newbie and all.

      But in case you don't get it. Most people who do stocks have strong wills or they would not be able to pull the trigger.

      You need to grow a thicker skin and realize that all of us are perfectly able to make up our own minds and dont need a mentor.

      This is about making money. Weak willing folks would not be in the market. You have a lot to learn its obvious from your assumptions.

    • "You speak about lying and I ask, who in God's name made any one of us the all knowing judges of truth? Is it truth only when we believe it and false if we don't like or agree with the opinion?"

      I stopped reading your rambling post when I got this far.

      If Wakem posted he went short at $29, then he posted he moved up his stop and went short at $30 and $31 etc...until he would have been down about $1,200. Then he posted that he just said it for the fun of it and it's cafeteria style. He posted a lie that he went short.

      You seem mighty quick to think Im full of it.

      As I posted toes and I have had some battles, but since you never witnessed them I guess to you that makes her my cohort. Talk about making more assumptions. Your posts are just as full of them as any else's.

      Yes, many of us think Wakem has set a tone of contention here...I used to defend him too.

      So good of you to think you know more than everyone else about the folks here and jumping in to judge.

    • Well, I am glad I got to see your last $.02 at me and I hope that makes you feel better and now superior having put me in my place. If so, good. Rest easy as I still am just as comfortable with my analysis of this company as you seem to be, although, I have wondered about some of your knee jerk responses as they seem to go all over the place at times.

      You speak of distortions well in your rushes to read and respond to posts, you do make mistakes yourself. That may be why you sometimes come away with distorted ideas about what someone said. Just yesterday, you were about to put me down on a prediction for SBUX because you read too fast and didn't see it was a prediction on PEET.

      As to Toad, I never said she didn't belong here but I notice you don't criticize her vile attacks on others. Does that mean you are marching directly behind her and don't want to get in her sights? That's one way to skirt the issues and blame everything on everyone else and never put any responsibility on her for the atmosphere on this board.

      You speak about lying and I ask, who in God's name made any one of us the all knowing judges of truth? Is it truth only when we believe it and false if we don't like or agree with the opinion? When I spoke of rational human discussion, this is what I was talking about. Why can't people look at and weigh the posted opinions, positive and negative, in their own scale and then venture a civil opinion of the facts rather then attack vilely against anyone with whom they disagree? If everyone can see the stock is weak here, then why are opinions in that direction so violently attacked?

      I guess that is why your board here is the way it is. One or two people have set the tone and any that refuse to be stampeded away are left with no choice but to take whatever action is necessary to stay here and try to be heard. If that means jabbing and picking at and taunting their detractors, then that's the way it will go and you made it that way.

      In the short time I have left here, I will let you join your cohort and you two can revel in your belief you have put us all in our place and have beaten the hoards of naysayers into submission. By your own action and attitude, your opinions mean less and less to me so it seems our opinions of each other have reached an impasse. I hope your snipes at me have gained you another warrior feather and greater esteem from you Chief mentor. Beware to whom you suck up, I am told toads can give you warts.


    • Iv had bigtoes scratch out my eyes too. Back when she thought I was voting Democrat, but at least she isnt a liar and tries to be honest. She has gone after me lots of times, ok so that makes her special? I got over it and so did she.

      What caused me to react to Pumbah was his statement SBUX was going to 45. No one knows what a stock will do for sure. Anyone who claims to know is suspect or just thinks they know everything.

      Its one thing to say my short target is 45. Its another to show up stating you know the stock will go to 45. No one knows. Its our best guess.

      He is already showing his ego is wrapped up in this trade which isnt wise. He said something about leaving and knowing he told us so. If he was half as good as he thinks he would unwind that ego and emotions from the trade and take some lessons from you.

    • In the exchange with Pumbah, Toady clearly was the instigator. Since you make a living in the market, you must be a better judge of stocks than you are of reptiles.

    • I see a lot of name calling and posters acting like their shit doesn't stink.

      Stating about newbies betting sucked in means you think you are better than they are. Very few newbies around. Respect is as given. If you dont give it you dont receive it.

      bblor is no innocent, he just likes to don other IDs to do his bashing, like OZ_wishes_he_were_budfox is one he admits to enjoying.

      What causes most of the spats here is folks who post their honest opinions and then folks change them around. This is not because they cant read, its some perverse game.

      I cut and paste I am short and the time I did it as a warning to longs to think about and got called a liar. bblor still posts that I told folks to hold and buy over 60 and Wakem delights in making up fairy tales that I was never long PEETs.

      It doesnt matter what you say or that you post the truth here because that's not the game here. Folks like Wakem post things like politics when they get bored and want to fight. Wakem has admitted to lying over and over. Anything he says you know it is exaggerated or a lie. He does it to get arguments or someone to point it out and start something.

      You get a couple of trouble makers who admit to lying for the fun of it and yep the message board goes to pieces. Exactly Wakem's aim. Now bblor is helping him. You can claim the rest of us are wrong and none of this happened if that makes you feel superior. Good for you.

      Everyone can see the stock is weak and knows summer is the slow time of year for a coffee company. Posts that the longs here need warning means you still think only you see this. You who comes out of nowhere thinks only you have the sight. Get off toads back. She has as much right here as you do.

      As long as you think folks who lie and try to start arguments here are wonderfull you dont have the respect of many. But maybe you enjoy being a lone wolf and stating things you know will rile folks up.

      You could just stick to your opinions of the stock and why you are short, instead of posting back useless messages about why you feel you need to just talk about other posters.

      Sure, we are all guilty of it. And if we start sticking to the subject Wakem usually is the one to start something.

      Dont post a lot of off topic posts about people here and then try to act the innocent.

      Everyone can see the warning signs and can see the chart. We all know there are worrying things. No one here needs s savior or a warning. We are as smart as you are.

    • Pumbah said > "Wow, you do speak volumes and it is sad how too many newbies get sucked in by the shennanigans the companies play and all the positive hype on the MB's. The garden contains more than Roses and if you don't look closer, you can miss the things they are there and prepared to kill your bushes if you don't remain vigilant.

      How can a poster be vigilant and ask questions of someone with negative opinions on the stock if they are to be berated by someone at even the slightest hint they are giving some consideration to something negative posted here or on any board?

      When you write: 'And in the case of companies such as Enron, positive stock talk and employee benefit lockdowns were merely tools to produce reliable bagholders while the insiders cashed out.' I can only say how true you speak.

      I admit to joy when I make a call and the stock unfolds exactly like I saw it coming and my position becomes profitable. Had I been on this board longer, I might enjoy it more too but generally, I prefer to tell it the way I see, warn as nicely as I can without creating annimosity so people have a chance to weigh what I predict and take whatever cautionary measures they deem appropriate. It makes the joy sweeter knowing I haven't sandbagged anyone but I can't take joy in someone else's misery of losing although there might be an exception working in my head somewhere.

      Thanks for the support and your input. I'm sure it and my comments are as welcome as a "you know what" in a punch bowl.

      Pumbah "


      I don't consider your comments to be messing up anyone's punch; in fact, your posts seem quite thoughtful. Toes should be waking up soon to tell you otherwise, though.

      For most stocks I just follow along quietly without much emotion, and make my own buy, hold, and sell decisions accordingly and keep them to myself. It's been quite a time since I had a position in SBUX - I went long for a little while with it - and I've never shorted any stock (no margin account for the IRA's, which is what I trade in). But I do not assign a negative moral value to shorting, nor do I assign a positive moral value to going long. However, just as there are a legion of folks out there who love to hate MSFT, well, I enjoy watching SBUX come to the slow realization that it isn't the 800 pound gorilla that it once was. So with or without a stock position, I enjoy being here to watch the show!

      It's fun to debate and toss some emotion into these posts along with the news and stats, but sometimes the quick-witted retorts and good-natured jabs devolve into some rather profane attacks. Like someone said before, it's not a good idea to take it personally.

      Meanwhile, it looks like a nice day out there, so it's time to leave the computer behind for awhile.

      Take care - bbalg

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