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  • yellton yellton Jun 16, 2006 5:39 PM Flag


    Ever wonder why so many fatass's seem to
    be going in and out of Sbux?

    >>A 20-ounce Venti banana mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream contains 720 calories and 11 grams of saturated fat, <<

    Granted the average consumer of sbux is
    low IQ but these are starting numbers
    even to the fatass's.

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    • Depression, recession, call 'em what you will - but they come and go. This one will likely be deeper and longer due to how far we've let ourselves get effed- up. But Starbucks will survive ...don't be such a pessimist, Dude.

    • Dude I give your props for being a
      nelly lib but now your sounding like
      a fruit. First of all dude, there will
      be no depression. If there were sbux
      would gone, come on' dude even the blanks
      wouldn't fork over their dough if there
      was a depression on coffee. Keep it real.
      The fact is we're in the best ecomomic
      times in history ask my accoutant, thanks
      GWB. Blanks have nothing but $$$$ so
      over priced coffee works, add the lifestyle
      thing and the blanks are happy.
      Dude listen to some Rush to see how the
      average blank thinks, your way into
      outdated libbism to grasp the below average
      IQ of the blank.
      These are party times we all get rich
      ragheads get a foot in their ass.
      Buy SBUX on the DIPS Blanks are branded
      hooked and putty in our hands!

    • Dude, you're running the risk of losing your status as one of the intelligent longs on this mb.

      "Think of Americans as spoiled children. More than anything they want direction and displine."

      Yes, true, but they are also a mob - - and the mob-think in this country has changed against GWB - - indeed, half the morons that voted for Bush probably have no memory of having done so.

      The borrow and spend game is up. As Jesse might say, "end of game - now comes pain."

      SBUX will hold up relatively well during the depression - but not at anything like its current valuation level.

      Bottom Line: We must pay the price for tolerating the worst governance that the U.S. has had in modern times - - perhaps ever.

    • Dude that's old news it hit rock bottom
      $35 now it only goes up.
      You shorts think this fat news goes main
      stream that that the average blank will
      be hearing about it on the news they
      won't and even if they did wouldn't matter
      unless. They need the SBUX high and lucky
      for us they pay anything to get it.
      Most sbux users are fat anyway, fat kids
      fat office workers, fat soccer moms it's
      all good 700 latte's are par for the course.

    • He is a liar, lousy at investing, has no money or prospects and steals coffee by diving into dumpsters looking for discarded cups which he then gets refilled (he admitted this) you give the world's dumbest man credit for continueing to figure out how to breathe.

    • The lawsuit is baseless (IF it's even filed).
      SBUX makes available the nutrition content of all its drinks for anyone who asks. It's up to the consumer to make their own decisions.
      The lawsuit will be tossed out just like the one against McDonald's.

    • ledmeto said > "Why not make money in these good time and enjoy the ride? SBUX HAL AAPL
      You'll feel better with some fat cash! ALLLLLLLLABOARD!"


      I don't know, dude - did you enjoy watching SBUX drop down four bucks in less than a month? Was that a fun ride?

    • Dude you've lost it. Think of Americans
      as spoiled children. More than anything
      they want direction and displine.
      Bush is the authority figure they needed
      and the Republicans provide the direction.
      Your basic blank wants sugar and caffeine,
      a place to work and TV it doesn't get
      much deeper than that. Bush gave the
      blanks a purpose, a war and an enemy,
      dude they're loving it. Why not
      make money in these good time and
      enjoy the ride? SBUX HAL AAPL
      You'll feel better with
      some fat cash! ALLLLLLLLABOARD!

    • albert said > "Don't ya realize doofus that in order to have the kind of society that you want you'd have to
      close down 99% of American industry and become a socialist country."


      If you are referring to my belief that foods in restaurants should be labelled, as are foods in grocery stores, well, I believe that is doable, as well as necessary, and I don't believe it would close down 99% of American industry. Besides, don't worry about us "becoming" a socialist country - when you look at the amount of money which the government feeds business via various forms of corporate welfare and the infamous Haliburton "no-bid contract" special, not to mention our mandatory Social Security system, well, you'd have to pretty much say we are a good ways there already!

      Know what I mean, Vern?

    • Yepper...I agree with ya littl' bud about
      doing away with Social Security or at least
      re-inventing it. Giving folks some choices.
      I would like to see the personal income tax
      changed to national sales tax.
      Of course I'm scratchin my head...
      this sure doesn't sound like the ole bags we all know and love.
      Hell I thought you'd be for more government control.
      Ya know fat police and all!
      Come on that schitt costs money littl' bud.
      More taxes, more law suits...more rich lawyers.
      Maybe your becoming a closet conservative instead of a flamin liberal.
      We can always hope!!

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