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  • ketanpatel4eva ketanpatel4eva Mar 3, 2009 12:35 AM Flag

    food for thought

    Does one really believe that this company does not have competition? Some will say that sbux has very little competion. I think any drink out there is competition to sbux. Dont believe me, then try downing a latte after finishing a bottle of Mountain Dew. How about a mocca after Snapple? One stomach can only hold so much. So if one thinks this company will expand endlessly selling coffee drinks while other drink makers will close their bussinesses, think again. Its who fills the stomach first and trends change. Why, even tap water is competition for sbux. Will not be surprised if i see sbux put out their genetically engineered perfect spring water.

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    • lets see...some quick drinks that come to mind that compete for space in my stomach and time at the urinal. Milk, Ginger-Ale, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Orange juice (Tropicana or you name it), Carrot Juice, Pina Coolata, Irish Coffee, NesTea, YooHoo, Poland Spring, Disani, Seltzer, Chicken Soup...And lets not forget a gazillion varieties of beer all dying to make it into your stomach, vodka (Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Trump Vodka, Blue Label, Black Label, Captain Morgan...
      Get my point? The world of drinks does not revolve around sbux versions of drinks.
      Maybe you get my point

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