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  • wmills551 wmills551 Jul 9, 2010 6:48 PM Flag

    Mr. Schultz CEO - Customer Open Letter

    You are not a Guest at Starbucks, you are a customer. Starbucks is not your office and it is not your home. It is and hopefully will remain a cool place for young people to get an expensive drink. The closet cases that hang there all day are not a priority. You are not entitled to control the music becasue you bought a $4 Chi latte and nurse it all day while on your lap top. If you want "white music" go to MCD, get an Ipod, or go home and drink your coffee there. For God sake your mom could use some company.

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    • Hold on yepsters.... there is some truth and logic to music booming in the coffee shops. Yesterday, wanting to kill some time before an appointment at 8:00AM, I dropped in for a latte. I sat down, and pulled out some notes to go over before the appointment and I could barely concentrate over the CW hoe-down happening in there. Honestly, I looked back behind the counter and the employees were rock'in and skipping around--acting really goofy.

      A few minutes later about 8:20AM two guys sat down and started a job interview discussion. I overheard one of them say the music was loud and the other acknowledged that it was but most of the restraunts in the area were worse for the music. Then as I when over to use the restroom I heard another conversation that sounded like a job interview. They were talking really loud...

      Well it shouldn't be any big surprise that Starbucks has become an Office of the Unemployed. The new social science around interviewing these days it is rare that you meet with only one decision maker. Rather, just about everyone you will be working with wants to have a f-2-f with you before you are considered for the job. That's a butt load of potential drink sales happening there Mr. Schultz. Interviewers really like it because picking up the bill for a drink is way more reasonable than a sit-down restaurant+tip.

      At this early hour of the morning at this shop if the employees needed to have music turned up that loud to motivate Starbucks workers, maybe then need to come in earlier and drink some of their own brew?

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