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  • davecarneyinc davecarneyinc Oct 27, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

    SBUX is always lower After Earnings even when Beat

    They always drop two or three bucks after earnings, regardless of how good they beat. This time they will be soft on revenues, so they should drop 5 bucks or more, possibly $10 drop or more.

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    • Joeytee - you have made a complete fool out of yourself! I knew you weren't bright but I had no idea you were as stupid as you are. The last earnings report was on July 28, 2011 - not the date you stated. The stock closed at $39.98 before the release. They beat estimates. By August 8, just 7 days later, it had dropped to $34.04, a drop of $5.94 or 15%. I know because I was short 15,000 shares. I did not get all of the gain. I covered after making $70.000. I expect to make much more this time.

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      • Where did you go? back at the senior center lying to the widows about your trading exploits. Seems Joey's got your number. Hey, gary still believes you!

      • hey, you never did follow up on this post of yours from last year going into Q4 / FY earnings for sbux - care to comment now? to refresh your memory, they actually raised their fwd guidance, eps for the qtr was .37, and said that China sales had "accelerated from already double-digit comp growth earlier in the year"

        so tell us again why you're going to be right this time?

        SBUX may hit but will Guide Down Because 4-Nov-10 01:51 am
        The whisper number is $.34 and they may hit it, but beware of guidance. SBUX will guide down because of: 1)Huge discounting and coupons of Starbucks and Seattle Best coffee at all retailers that carry them 2) Maxwell House distributor is raising distribution costs 3)Huge increase in coffee prices, sugar prices and milk cost and more projected increases coming 4)Increase in corporate tax rate 5)Loss of wi-fi fees 5)Wage increases in Europe and some states 6)Costa Coffee took market share from SBUX in Britian and Europe with huge advertising blitz (Costa sales up 27%) 7)SBUX sales have slowed somewhat in China (We honestly can't figure out why, but it is true). Margins also will be very soft next quarter.
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      • and by the way, the sbux pps was UP the day after the q3 call, on large volume; a little detail you somehow omitted

      • yo, dumbash, post your trades when you make them - short 15,000 shares, sure you were

        so tell us, what's your position right now? short going into earnings?

        everyone on this board knows who the fool is - you

      • You think he's stupid, you should read posts from his other alias, Veggy,dumb as a rock. I couldn't take the stupidity put VeggieTee on ignore.

        Carry On

    • In reality this rarely happens with SBUX. I mean you can just make stuff up if you want, but stock data is recorded. I know it works for you when you tell that gal at the senior center that you are wealthy, but she can't really check , can she?

    • dude - you just make this crap up?

      last release was 7/14; closed at 38.99 that day (before release), closed 39.66 next day, was over $40 within 3 trading days

      you're a liar and an idiot, killer combo

    • Earnings are next Thursday after the close.

54.49-3.80(-6.52%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST