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  • teengirlsquad78 teengirlsquad78 Apr 30, 2012 5:53 PM Flag

    For both Shorts And Longs...

    Why all the name calling?
    Do you really think being mad and calling names is going to sway people?
    Just state the facts that support your side of things and let's have an intelligent discussion.
    My opinion is that the odds at this point favor taking profits if you are long. This stock will most likely go back to the high 40's fairly soon (in the next 2 months), about a 10 dollar drop, could be much more if the market tanks. At that point, if it breaks below 48, we will see the high 30's or we will bounce back to the mid 50's no more. 48 dollars is were it broke out to the upside in early March.
    ON the other hand it could bounce in the next few days to around 60 to suck in more retail investors before the dive.

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    • What do all the longs think now.

    • How are the longs that trashed me when I posted this? If you had listened, you could have made a HUGE profit.

    • I will say it again, great call... I wonder were are all the longs hiding these days?

      • 2 Replies to gomerpylegriffith
      • Yo Gomer, how you coming along getting that $450 that sbux stole from you back?

        Going as well as that verismo lawsuit?

        Told you not to drink that glow in the dark water over there, cooked your brain.

      • should hold the 200 in mid 47s unless all hell breaks loose in the s&p there in lies the rub. Best to start buying low 50s down to 47s if it breaks that stop out at 46.50 and wait. If you scale in and it holds the 200ma youll be just fine. If this stock and some of the other good solid real growth co's break the 200 take the frickin summer off and let the market sort itself out. Nothing wrong with being on sidelines.

    • Don't be silly.

    • Spoil-sport!

      Its great fun laughing at the shorts

      And no one in their right mind takes any notice of the comments or analysis published on this board anymore its just FUN

    • Idiot......

    • sooooo your saying it could go up or down,,, thanks for all the valuable information!!


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      • Learn to read, I am saying that it is heading down to 48 and at that point I will reassess. In the mean time there is a small possibility that people like you will try to take it back up to 60. 10 dollars with the possibility of much more vs 2 dollars, I will take my chances and short.

      • By Matt Jarzemsky

        NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Apple Inc. (AAPL), Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (CMG) could be poised for a pullback, chart-watchers say, following earnings reports last month that paused upward marches in the companies' stocks.
        The shares have wavered between gains and losses in recent weeks, testing "support" levels at which investors consistently step in and buy. A drop below such levels could indicate bearish sentiment is taking hold and presage further declines, according to Robert Sluymer, technical analyst at RBC Capital Markets.
        "Relative performance remains sluggish following earnings reports, suggesting further consolidation/correction in the coming weeks, possibly months ahead," Sluymer wrote in a note to clients this week.
        Shares of Apple, Starbucks and Chipotle have all had gains of at least 20% so far this year, tracing a smooth incline until their earnings reports last month.
        Apple's relative performance has trended lower since its report, moving the stock's support level to between $547 and $555, near Apple's 75-day moving average, Sluymer said.
        Early Wednesday afternoon, Apple's stock was up 0.5% at $584.84, off the all-time intraday high of $644 it hit last month. Apple reported earnings and revenue that blew away analysts' estimates in late April, but the stock has declined since then, pausing a dramatic runup this year.
        "There is a little bit of a cause for concern there that the overall trend has been violated," said Ryan Detrick, technical analyst at Schaeffer's Investment Research.
        Starbucks' shares are hovering around the $58 level, which has been a line of resistance they've struggled to get past, Detrick said. The shares have declined since last week, when Starbucks raised its full-year guidance less than analysts expected. They were recently trading up 0.5% at $57.93.
        Chipotle, meanwhile, recently saw its 10-day moving average price drop below its 20-day moving average, a sign of negative short-term momentum known as a "bearish cross," Detrick said.
        Chipotle reported in April its first-quarter profit rose 35%, beating analysts' expectations. But the fast-casual burrito chain's shares have yet to recover from levels seen before it reported results, suggesting expectations on the stock may have become overheated. Chipotle shares were recently up 0.9% at $423.54.
        -By Matt Jarzemsky, Dow Jones Newswires; 212-416-2240;
        (END) Dow Jones Newswires
        May 02, 2012 13:00 ET (17:00 GMT)

        News provided by Dow Jones NewswiresSM, PR News Wire and Business Wire. Dow Jones Newswires is a service mark of Dow Jones & Company. PR News Wire is a Trademark of PR Newswire Association, Inc. Business Wire is a registered trademark and service mark of Business Wire.

    • Some good points, but not worth dwelling over unless you're not a short sighted trader/gambler. The ones that look at their stocks every minute of every day. It's Not worth the stress or headaches.My suggestion is to hang on to Sbux for the may/june rollar coaster and look forward to July and beyond. Selling now could mean you pay $70 in July. DON't be a fool and hang on to your shares and your investment. In the end traders always lose and investors will always win. If you don't believe me check the charts. Too easy.


    • The pull backs are being bought up. Looks like today was a bunch of consolidating. If anything at all, this stock will set a new 52 week high as the downside bets are crowded. Good luck to you.

    • ok - hard not to call you a name here - how about if i call your post idiotic?

      you ask for "facts that support" and then you go on to state your opinion, utterly devoid of any facts to support that opinion - what is it that's going to knock this down to $48? besides you saying so?

      and then gomer says "best post ever" - sorry, but she's a moron for that one

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