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  • ima_postaa ima_postaa Oct 17, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    obama's legacy in a nutshell

    1. Stopped ALL deportations of illegal aliens almost as soon as he got in office (don't believe deportations actually went up, ask the leaders of the Boarder Patrol and INS unions, the only government unions that hate him and they'll explain the numbers game).

    2. Had ATF require FFLs to report multiple rifle purchases in certain states. Sent thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Didn't "allow" it, arranged it.

    3. Cut off reimportation of hundreds of thousands of firearms owned by the US.

    4. Decides which Americans live and which are assassinated with no due process.

    5. Decides which laws to enforce and which laws not to.

    6. Stole all of the money from bondholders (first to be paid by law) in his auto industry takeover, gave money to the unions. Took money from pensions of 20K salaried people already retired and fully funded promised pension of union workers not yet retired. Explanation: "Fair is not always equal."

    7. Shut down lucrative auto dealerships only of GOP contributors.

    8. Orders IRS to delay and deny all 503c applications by conservative sounding groups, about 300 of them, some still waiting. Oh yeah, did it to some liberal groups, too, maybe 20 or so, they but they got approved in about 4 weeks instead of the 12 week average.

    9. IRS has audited almost everybody that has spoken out against him publicly since he has been in office.

    10. Sent thousands of US made MANPADS to Syria through Bengazi according to THE NEW YORK TIMES, and let our people die to cover it up.

    11. Decided States can wave federal statutory work requirements for welfare.

    12. Has the NSA tap phones of journalists' parents and families to find out who they are talking to and about what.

    13. Forces whistleblowers so sign NDAs in violation of the Whistleblower Act.

    14. Forces European Air Forces to intercept the Presidential Plane of Ecuador because he thinks Edward Snowden might be on board.

    15. Shut down the coal industry.

    16. Designated at least $10 billion in US tax mo

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    • ...except everything you said is false. Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than Bush did in 8 years.

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      • The Obama administration has set records for deportations, but the types of immigrants it is kicking out of the country has changed dramatically over the past four years, according to numbers the Homeland Security Department has had to turn over as part of a pending court case.
        Records show that the number of regular deportations from within the interior the rank-and-file illegal immigrants who are living and working in the shadows has plummeted by 25 percent. Instead, the department has surged deportations along the borders.

        Under federal law, they say, they are required to arrest illegal immigrants they encounter, but they now fear being fired if they do so.
        The change in deportations began four years ago but really stepped up in 2011, when the Obama administration issued guidance telling agents to stop deporting illegal immigrants unless they had major criminal records or had violated immigration laws repeatedly.
        Critics said that means a de facto amnesty already is in place.

        From the Washington TImes

    • US economic recovery.
      Stock market growth from 7950 to current levels.
      GM saved.
      Osama Bin Laden dead.

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