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  • takeinthegoodt takeinthegoodt Jul 26, 2014 3:00 PM Flag


    on Israeli forces..."

    The impact of this presentation is quite clear. In the first place, the loss of the two Israelis trumps the deaths of 330 Palestinians. While the Israelis are "killed," the 330 dead are presented as a body-count -- we are not even told that they are Palestinians. To add to the confusion, the 330 died "as Hamas militants stepped up attacks" -- making Hamas appear as the sole responsible agent. And because the story begins with "Hamas militants intensified their attacks on Israeli forces...", unless the reader had another source of information and knew that the Israelis had just invaded Gaza, it would appear that Hamas was on the offensive.

    Then on Wednesday, as the casualty toll grew, on two facing pages the Post featured stories that added insult to this injury. Page 9 featured two moving human interest stories. The first was about a grieving mother whose son, an Israeli soldier, had perished in battle. The headline for this piece was "You fought the battle for us." It was accompanied by two pictures, the largest showing the weeping mother embraced by family members. Below this appeared profiles of two young Israeli-Americans, both soldiers who died fighting in Gaza. The accounts were personal and touching. With the story were two photos of the two clean-cut boy soldiers.

    On the facing page, the Post provided a diagram of the war's total casualties, using little stick figures -- one for each person who died. Adults were presented in black, while children and babies were in red. Not only did the 406 Palestinians figures dwarf the 2 Israeli figures, but especially poignant were the number of tiny little red figures (129 in all). There were no pictures, no names, no personal stories, and no interviews with sobbing Palestinian mothers, just little stick figures in red and black.

    Above this obscene chart there was an account of the difficulties Gazans were having finding places to bury their dead. Again no touching stories to put flesh on the bones of the stick figures. The story had a picture of a man, who was said to be "overcome by emotion" -- but whose face looked more like he was shouting in anger.

    This is the way the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been presented -- the Israelis are real people whom you can see and know, as individual stories, versus an amorphous Palestinian mass, whom you do not know and with whom you cannot identify.

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    • The DumhassHamas decided to fire rockets upon Isreal
      The Isrealis decided,for some strange reason. to defend themselves
      Unlike the new wimpy Americans who let little gang members take over neighborhoods and entire sectiions of towns, the Isrealis sumply stood up and said, "You wanna pla bang bang, we'll play bang bang"
      Civilians get killed in wars, innocent bystanders get killed in drug shootings.
      Now may we get back to being a SBUX MB?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • usa free press a myth

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