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  • russg2 russg2 Apr 14, 1998 10:32 PM Flag

    OK, my coffee buying psychology

    I have a small position in SBUX and plan to add ...

    Here's my two cents on SBUX in the supermarket: I prefer their coffee but will buy/drink others for home if I need coffee now and don't feel like going out of my way, or making another stop at the SBUX store, just for coffee. So ...

    If I can get SBUX when I'm doing regular grocery shopping, I will pay a premium for the convience. $7+ is a bit high for 12
    ounces, that's darn near my limit of tolerance. But here's the kicker, I think, and it'll be interesting to see if grocers see this
    or can measure it - I would make a *point* of going to a particular grocery store (which will be Safeway in NorCal it looks
    like) if I could get my SBUX there. It would rank up there with the preferred dairy, preferred produce, preferred butcher shop

    So I'll be hitting Safeway a little more often now, and paying up for SBUX, at least until I'm not too lazy to make the extra stop. Net I don't think this cannibalizes same store sales.

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    • Can anyone help me with statistics in the Coffee House Biz?

      Customer Count, Avg Customer/cups, Avg. Monthly sales.

      I would appreciate any info!!!

      Thanks - Kim

    • Chance----though it say omnipotent.....its me
      Brad_1998, my other screen name.

      Anyway, about the
      adult shops.

      What to tell???? Well like anything
      its all about location. Basically i have a small
      shop. Took about 20,000 iniitally to get started, you
      know rent, inventory, shit like that. I work 10 hours
      a day at another job. My frined from the Marines,
      came up and he runs the place. I pay him well, we
      split almost everything. Basically, i have whole salers
      who i buy from, then i rent out vidieos, toys and
      shit, or sell them to the public.

      Its pretty
      good so far. I just started a while ago. You got over
      the fact that the neighborhood wiill hate your
      guts..oh well, they would do the same thing if they

      This place is good, its right off the
      freeway where i live. So everyboyd can see it coming donw
      the freeway.

      Does that answer you
      questions...???? I just figured, i like sex, and so does everybody
      else so why not get into it and make some i could buy more stocks, which is what i really


    • hey brad, the adult erotica convention was here in LA 2 weeks ago. did you attend? tell us aboutthat. any investment opps in that business?

    • Well i couldnt help it, I had to buy more. I feel
      as long as i get in under 50 im doing fine. Though i
      hate to cost average up, i figure, now i have an
      excuse to drink more coffee, and eat more ice

      Oh yeah, i aslo have pfizer, but i SEX sells. This
      drug is going to kick serious ass. Its like my porn
      store, it makes me lots of money, WHY????? No matter how
      the economy is, no matter if there is a war, no
      matter what.....SEX sells. Sex always has sold and it
      always will.

      Anyway enough of

      Heres to SBUX, and all that it will be. Good luck to
      all...and Chance D...

      YOU still the


    • Yeah i too am getting the same vibes. Its a tough
      call. I am inclined to dump the PFE and reinvest in
      SBUX but the tax consequences keep me up nites! so I
      probably will stay with the PFE for the long haul. The new
      drug certainly can't hurt but, yes it is too obvious
      and yes that concerns me.

    • Chance--

      Great Post. I agree, SBUX had
      been going nowhere for quite some time and now looks
      ready to break out above 50. I recently bought in at 33
      and would like to buy more if we get a pullback.

      I too bought Pfizer several years ago when it was
      cheap. As somewhat of a contrarian, I am a little
      concerned that all this great news in PFE is too much of a
      good thing. I am a long term investor and would like
      to stay with PFE but maybe SBUX has a brighter
      future. What do you think?

    • My advice is buy what you like and hold on to it. I bought SBUX 1 1/2 years ago @ 30 & Barnes & Noble @ 27. Barnes & Noble has split already @ 50, and I'm hoping SBUX does soon. The reason I bought these two stocks is because I love books and coffee. I recently bought DELL stock @ 63, right after it split, & it's @ 80 today, I think. Good luck!

    • We're almost to FIFTY! OH boy, this is grrrrrrreat!
      We are on our way to new heights, gang. Strap yerself in cause we goin flyin in a cup and saucer!

    • No kidding. 2 months ago there weren't even 1 post a week.
      I guess money talks, right?

      Howard Schultz have publicly downplayed the same store growth's sustainability. That approach is better than overpromising and underdelivering. Lets see how it turns out.

    • YOUR RIGHT STARBUCK,S is a GREAT CO. they are on the right path and still got along ways to go.LETS save are ammo for the shorts we may need it.

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