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  • planetclicker planetclicker Jul 21, 1998 7:09 AM Flag

    washington post article

    Starbucks should've known: If it's free, they
    will come.
    for complete article click
    then daily info channel
    then news then major
    us papers
    then washingotn post then

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    • I am sure they did not mis-hear as I went over it several times and they even asked someone else in the store. maybe new and not trained yet.

    • The Congressional Plaza SBUX in Rockville is my
      regular hangout and where I sampled the combo wild
      berry/mango citrus. Have not seen anyone having a problem
      getting a tiazzi there since they started offering the
      drink. Maybe the employee misheard you? Was new? I

    • store was in congresional shopping plaza, rockville MD. I am not in there regularly but will look for a card in another location

    • Why would I invest my hard earned money in a
      company which on of their manager insulted me infront of
      bunch of people for a stupid reason like using a
      laptop. I didn't say that the stock would decline for an
      incident like mine but they would lose customers.

    • are earnings coming out after the bell and does anyone really believe we're going to see a split.


    • Congrats on your short trade. I knew you wouldn't
      have the guts to stay short through the earnings
      announcement. You will go broke trying to short stocks like
      SBUX and gaining only $2 1/4 points. Try and find
      companies to short that have accounting irregularities or
      bad business prospects, I promise it will be more

      Time is the friend of a great business like SBUX. The
      longer you stayed short, the more likely you are to lose
      your shirt. Again, congratulations on a pretty good
      one week trade. I am glad you made money since I
      don't care what SBUX does on a day-to-day


    • That has to be the stupidest reason for selling a
      stock that I have ever heard. I know you want to
      believe in the companies that you own, but get real. You
      think their revenues will be impacted by a massive
      number of your type of incidents?


    • Never thought of providing an online link to the Washinton Post article:

      • 1 Reply to hot_shot_barbie
      • Hot-shot-barbie,

        I've never picked on
        anyone in cyberspace before, and I'm going to try to
        keep this positive. I simply hit "Next" so I cannot
        easily (for free, that is, in download time) skip your
        posts as I'm sure somebody will suggest.

        This is
        the SBUX board. I'm sure there are some people
        interested in the Washington Post article but I couldn't
        find any mention of SBUX in it. There are thousands of
        articles like that one published on-line, if we all
        discuss each one this will turn into the misc.invest

        There are many other boards for general investment
        discussion, you might check out the Motley Fool, for example.
        Your comments will be well received there and you'll
        find many others willing to discuss a broad range of
        investing topics.

        On topic, all SBUX followers might
        want to check out the Motley Fool message boards for
        the "grassroots" discussion of locations around the
        world. That board has exploded with posts (too many? :)
        since the Fool Portfolio bought SBUX.

        I'm long
        and averaging into SBUX, BTW, and recommending it
        even at these levels for those with a 3+ year horizon.

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