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  • NARWHAL_SSN_671 NARWHAL_SSN_671 Jul 25, 1998 4:01 PM Flag

    Hi! Coffee Drinkers of the World.

    Love my home brewed coffee.During the winter and
    people drink more coffee, sit backand watch a Thermal
    Graph Chart of the Worlds Oceans. They change slowly.
    El nino is fading! Humbolt Current off Peru is
    cutting into el bulge. Japanese Current will pick up less
    heat from tropics, push north and cool and swing down
    the west coast of Canada and U.S. That's one reason
    San Francisco has fog at times. The place to view the
    Thermal Chart is on JUST WZR board #34 post Not hyping
    any energy stock! But my Handle Narwhal does have
    some stock mentioned if you click it on!
    My stocks
    are down near rock bottom and I'm losing in them at
    present. But will average them down shortly in the next
    week or two. Hey, got too! Money Managers will come in
    to the Energy Sector soon for winter up swings in
    gas stocks. And I'll be being profitable soon! Anyway
    copy the address of the Thermal Chart and view it
    weekly or monthly for changes. Chart does change daily
    from site!
    And if you do look at gas stocks,
    Research them completely, compare different balance sheets
    on the profile secton of Yahoo. For debt,margin of
    profitablity, earnings etc!
    Hey at WZR I'm not hyping Robry
    picks either! Or mine. If you go to research secton you
    can go to international oils or gas producers, U.S.,
    Canada. When at, say GOU click on research or at RD, TX
    CHV SGO EVER. There's hundreds of stocks that just
    make you some profits. Try finding the lowest best
    picks! % wise you will do good!
    I haven't said to
    sell Starbucks stock either but really don't know the
    Well anyway this post will get lost in all the posts.
    Hope someone posts to me someday they made a few bucks
    on gas stocks. My handle has stocks I'm in, mention
    Starbuck post. And pass around the thermal chart address!
    Something different!
    P.S. Also the
    thermalclines are shallowing in th Pacific.= cool deep waters
    cooling warm waters above. Cold winter coming!

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