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  • hot_shot_barbie hot_shot_barbie Jul 26, 1998 4:14 AM Flag

    Chance, cateye, hoopust, hippie, etal

    Was in NY visiting my daughter Thurs-Sat and
    wasn't watching the market. Boy was I surprised to come
    home to find out that I bought SBUX in my IRA. I had
    left an open buy in the account never dreaming that
    SBUX would actually drop that far. I almost cancelled
    the buy the night before I left but decided that it
    wasn't hurting anything. Dumb luck.

    (BTW I was
    too embarrassed to tell you guys that I accidentally
    left a sell in at 56.5 a few weeks ago and ended up
    selling everything in my IRA. That was not a pleasant
    surprise at the time. In hindsight, I'm happy and feeling
    a little vindicated re my post on growth stock
    trains and why I thought the article was pertinent to
    SBUX stock prices.)

    On topic: My daughter is
    living in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. We checked
    out the local SBUX. First and last time. Service was
    TERRIBLE, the store was dirty and the barrista commented to
    me that he hates fraps. They only had 2 sizes of
    drinks: regular and tall. The tall was the same price as
    grandes at every other SBUX I've been in. Hope this is an
    isolated situation.

    BTW We found a local coffee
    shop just a couple of blocks away - great service, low

    OT: Somebody out there asked what other
    stocks I like: SLB, APCC, HWP (if it drops a little
    lower), USF, SII, PKD, and of course CD and PMTC. Oil
    stocks are taking a severe beating so they are looking
    pretty good to me. Also own RIG and am considering HAL.
    Watching GM. And I;m still holding MANU. Missed another
    sell opportunity on that one. Just couldn;t bring
    myself to self at what I still feel is too low a price.
    Noticed that their main competitor I2 dropped abruptly
    end of this week. Talk about surprises: Danforth
    Quayle is on the board of USF, which among other things
    provides water services to SBUX, McDs, and Burger King.
    BTW: I have a friend who laughs when I tell him I just
    bought a stock. He always asks how many shares I bought.
    Usually the answer is 100 or less. You could say I'm very
    diversified or lack the courage of my convictions. I do buy
    more if a stock I like drops.

    Chance: I
    remember A's posts so I can't blame you too much for
    gloating and I'll take a look at Boeing and Triton. Thanks
    for the tip on the tapes. I had already found out
    that Ney is retiring the newletter to manage customer
    accounts. Minimum account is 200,000, going up to 500,000
    next May(?).

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