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  • hot_shot_barbie hot_shot_barbie Jul 26, 1998 9:24 PM Flag

    hoopust (I think)

    Are you the person who asked if I was interested
    in an investment club in my area? It takes me a
    while to digest information so I'm a little
    apprehensive (I assume that you all assign tasks to research
    stocks), but I am interested.

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    • i have a feeling i'll regret posting my email
      address...anyway, send your email address to me at
      and i'll forward some info on our little club. the
      club is based in arlington, va.

      but yeah, we
      rely on club members to research stocks. it takes some
      time and effort but it's a great way to learn about

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      • First, thanks hoopust. Sent my e-mail

        Second, I've been doing a lot of thinking about iritating
        people on this board and going elsewhere. I'd like to
        stay here. That said, I think that I need help from
        some kind soul who will tell me nicely when a post is
        1) inappropriate, 2) conveys something you're sure I
        didn't mean, 3) is stream of consciousness,

        Us head injury folks don't know when we've goofed
        unless someone tell us. I do very well in conversation
        now due to coaching from friends/family and learning
        to watch people carefully for signs that I'm
        rambling or conveying a meaning other than my intent.
        However, I need another technique for the written word
        since I can't tell from your expressions whether I'm
        screwing up or not.

        Hippie and some others seem
        sympathetic. Others are out of patience (BTW, I understand). I
        am asking as nicely as I can if 1) someone on this
        board is willing to help me and 2) if others are
        willing to bear with me.

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