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  • hot_shot_barbie hot_shot_barbie Jul 28, 1998 7:02 PM Flag


    to all who posted words of encouragement... I'll
    try to stay relevant and convey my meaning. Cateye:
    you're my watchdog. Thanks for volunteering. To borrow a
    line from Tennessee Williams: I frequently find myself
    dependent on the kindness of strangers.

    OT to
    Zapzinger(?): I found out about PMTC from Chance. I agree that
    the bad news is out. I set my initial profit target
    at 25%-30% within 12 months but adjust based on how
    long I hold + actual price movement + earnings/growth
    actuals/projections + news + intuition. Sometimes I decide that a
    stock is one that I want to keep forever (don't know
    that PMTC would fall into that category). God, this
    sounds dumb. I'll give an example. I bought EWF (closed
    end mutual fund) late '97 when it was selling at a
    huge discount to NAV, hoping to make a 30% profit
    within a year. Right after I bought the price moved
    consistently skyward. I ended up selling at a 70% profit when
    the price reached NAV. I've made a huge profit on IBM
    but am hanging onto it for the foreseeable future
    based on my belief that the company fixed its problems.
    I've got a stock where the bad news just keeps on
    coming (RSND). I'm trying to decide now whether to buy
    more or just hang on. So far, I haven't had to sell a
    stock because it was a dog but my luck may run out. To
    me investing is like good writing and life in
    general, you need to be willing to revise your plan.

    On topic: I have two strategies for SBUX since I
    hold it in both taxable and IRA accounts. If the stock
    gets seriously overvalued again I'll sell the IRA
    shares. I have no intention of selling SBUX in my taxable

    (Cateye: I have a bad feeling about this
    post, but I;m not sure)

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