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  • trueinvestor23 trueinvestor23 Feb 9, 1999 9:06 PM Flag

    sbux the company owns 1,000,000 shares o

    A reliable source in the room stock chat has posted this message. That is all im going to say.

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    • Before returning home, I'd lived and traveled in
      Asia, including China, for several years and most
      recently (Jan. '99) I'd visited my sister who's presently
      working in Hong Kong. They're all very different
      countries with very different cultures but the one thing
      they have in common is that they crave a western
      lifestyle or at least the accroutrements of

      It's kind of a love/hate thing where they want what
      we've got but don't necessarily want to be us. I say
      this especially with regards to China. The Chinese by
      cultural nature, and despite enforced socialist ideology,
      are the ultimate capitalists - for better or for
      worse for the rest of the world. The clearest example
      is Hong Kong where money talks like nowhere else on
      this planet. And what do they do with all that money?
      They use it to buy Gucci shoes, eat PizzaHut pizzas,
      drive Mercedes cars and, yes, to hang out in
      coffeeshops. Coffeeshops proliferate themselves in Hong Kong
      because they're cool and trendy - same reasons as here in

      I noticed, though, that in Hong Kong, there were no
      big brand name coffeeshops. That's what GMCH will
      hopefully be astute nough to exploit when it opens up on
      the mainland. The Chinese love brand names. Forget
      the mom and pop shops, they want designer labels and
      fast food. They want what's "in" not what's quaint.
      Check out Shanghai where ten years ago the women were
      wearing nylons thick enough to insulate your hot water
      pipes with. Today they're wearing hundred dollar shears
      that you and I (well, me anyway) only get to see on
      t.v. runway models.

      I invested long in GMCH not
      because of their franchise possibilities in the U.S.
      That's great short term but it's peanuts compared to the
      long view. There are about 1.5 billion people in China
      - we're talking mainland now, not just Hong Kong.
      Let's take away the 80% who live a third world peasant
      lifestyle in the countryside. That still leaves 300,000,000
      urban dwellers who right now still don't have access to
      much and who want access to everything. That's a
      relatively unexplored market bigger than the United States.
      They may not all have enough money to buy the most
      modern VCR's and cars but they can definitely afford a 2
      dollar cup of coffee in a western style brand name
      coffeeshop and they'll dish out that 2 bucks because it'll
      make them feel like they just joined the first world
      club. That may be cynical and upsetting to some people
      but realistic.

      Coffeshops have been immensely
      successful in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong for years and years
      so I don't consider them a flash in the pan fad. The
      mainlanders will imitate the lifestyles of their more
      westernized neighbours by hanging out in coffeeshops because
      it's a stylin' thing to do, it's a cheap treat and, of
      course, to keep face. In this environment, GMCH will,
      hopefully, make millions for themselves and for us.

    • Actually, rmdavis *is* the Napeague Letter. I'm a
      subscriber, and it's pretty good

      <<rmdavis eat your heart out. P.S. Are you on staff at TNL
      or are you just the unnamed pathetic e-mailer who
      doesn't know how to do his own DD ? >>

    • rmdavis eat your heart out. P.S. Are you on staff at TNL or are you just the unnamed pathetic e-mailer who doesn't know how to do his own DD ?

    • GMCH has just been added to The Napeague Letter's list of overly-hyped stocks. A brief write-up on this stock can be found at

    • We're all glad that you're in GMCH - we're all
      glad you're making money with GMCH. We've all heard
      about it a bazillion times - LET IT REST - we've all
      been told enuf about it already and those of us that
      want it have already bought it and those of us that
      don't - won't. This is the *$ message board - go back
      to your GMCH and drink down a slow one and leave the
      rest of us alone ! ;->

    • GMCH is just beginning to expand in the World
      market and this company is just emerging in the world
      and the internet coffee market.
      I'm glad I'm not
      the first to post to this msg board on GMCH
      Compre a 30 cent stock to a 48 dollar stock, wherein
      both companies have very similar products (I like GMCH
      coffee a lot better than Starbucks)
      It's a no
      brainer..there's plenty of posted research on the web on GMCH
      Just thought you would like to know, so some day you
      can return the favor (or is that flavor)?
      Have a
      nice trade!

    • I shure would like to know more details about
      these sharesbeing owned by starbacks. If it's true
      starbucks is wrey well aware of the potential of GMCH and
      they're affraid can you say takeover.
      GMCH is only 25
      cents now and just a week ago went from 5 cents to 80
      cents in 3 days what is the % return do the
      awsome time to get in


    • I am an MBA student studing marketing strategies
      for Starbucks products. I would approeciate feedback
      from interested users in current Starbucks marketing
      and product strategies. How do you feel they are
      doing growing their company. Good strategies and bad
      strategies? DO you feel they are spreading their efforts too
      thin or not aggressively using their growing
      popularity? Where do you feel they will be successful? Where
      are they failing marketing their products??

      • 1 Reply to taylorman58
      • What do other think about the slow erosion in the
        price of SBUX? The January numbers resulted in a bit of
        a rebound, but overall this thing has been weak
        since the end of December (which is when I started
        following it). I realize that the market has been in the
        spin cycle since then, but sbux has been more on a
        downward trending thing. Couple that with the slippage is
        broker recommendations (see detailed research under
        Yahoo) and momentum looks rather negative, in the short
        term. At least expected EPS growth doesn't seem to be

        As for their magazine, it's a nice thing
        and a good attempt at hooking customers with
        informaiton, but they'd have to sell a lot of them to actually
        hit the bottom line positively.

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