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  • Jam_it_98 Jam_it_98 Jun 11, 1999 2:26 PM Flag

    SBUX and the Inner City

    Now there's a great venture.... selling $4 coffee to the inner city is sure to be a real revenue generator.... Just like the inner city lexus, mercedes, and porsche dealerships....

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    • ...I was worried that *$ would start selling or
      even combining with SBC...that would be REALLY BAD!!!
      Not real fond of their way of doing business,
      especially in the training department. Every time (and I am
      NOT exaggerating!) I get about a 1/4 inch of coffee
      grounds in the bottom of my cup. It says alot about
      quality control and the employee's desire to please the
      customer...I would hope that Howard was smarter than that!

    • Starbucks did buy Pasqua. Seattle's Best Coffee is not part of our empire. It was The Seattle Coffee Co. in GB that was purchased.

    • ...for this information? I'd like to read it!

    • did you know starbucks recently bought them both
      out? look for new pastries, cookies, and sandwiches at
      a location near you! also, they are trying new
      concept stores in san francisco which offer alcoholic
      coffee beverages too! better have your id

    • The less-charitable view of the Starbucks brand
      gets prominent play in a scene in the new Austin
      Powers movie. The futuristic setup has the villain Dr.
      Evil and his cohorts sitting around in a very
      sinister-looking Starbucks Coffee skyscraper, sipping lattes as
      they discuss world domination. (Starbucks actually
      approved the scene. Said Schultz:: "It's all about being
      able to laugh at yourself.")--from cbs marketwatch

    • We must be looking at different three month Yahoo charts. Good point about personal abuse though.

    • Calling something negative "Clintonesque" is
      hardly objective. But as for interest rates impact on
      SBUX, I can't see how it affect them any more than it
      would any other stock/company. SBUX is not that highly

      The stall in the stock is due to a run up around an
      expected internet announcement that hasn't happened. This
      stock moves on news about SBUX.

      I would have
      thought the clever self-deprecating humour in the new
      Austin Powers movie might have had some impact. It shows
      SBUX as the headquarters of the Dr. Evil empire as it
      tries to take over the world. Quite funny. Nice to see
      Howard Schultz has a sense of humor.

      Now we wait
      to see if he has a sense of business outside of
      coffee as he tries to expand the SBUX mystique beyond
      that. Like may here, I'm beting the brand can be
      exploited further to genreate more profits for me and for
      other shareholders.

    • look keep it nonpersonal and these message boards
      can accomplish something. Your effort to destroy
      opposing views sounds very Clintonesque. Lighten up, your
      ignorance shows through. More importantly, please do not
      clutter a perfectly good exchange opportunity with stuff
      that belongs in "chat rooms for Ignorant people" I am
      sure you can find one.

      SBUX is very sensitive
      to interest rate moves. Any thoughts out there? THe
      past moves have put the stock into a stall, trending

    • OMDA announced today they are preparing to file for NASDAQ listing. This one is going to be huge and will compete against ivillage. check it out.

    • Hey, don't be too rough on tctopdog - he's related (by both his mom/cousin and uncle/dad) to Putz and Kermie. He is genetically impaired right from the get go..Be nice to him, it's not his fault.

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