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  • cynpdx99 cynpdx99 Aug 2, 1999 12:03 PM Flag

    What could be finer....

    Further comment on taste. A Pete's Coffee just
    opened up in my neighborhood across the street from a
    Starbucks. Being the ever interested investor I queried the
    employees of Starbucks if business has slowed. They said
    that only the first week Pete's was open was there any

    I was also recently in Ohio at the
    airport and right next to a Starbucks was some kind of
    food concession which one could purchase a cup of joe.
    There was a fifteen minute line at Starbucks (I know I
    was in it) and not a soul at the other coffee shop.
    What does that say about the quality, name recognition
    and taste of the Starbucks products?

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    • Can you tell i'm tired?

    • Boxcars, you don't like to taste your own
      medicine do you? First off, you have know idea when I
      bought or when I sold JMAR. To think that my saying I
      closed my position had an affect on the price shows how
      much, "market savy" you have. Secondly, you keep
      posting on when you buy SBUX ever since it tanked to 27.
      See the difference yet? Lastly, I may have said I was
      broke. What I meant was that I won't be making any large
      buys real soon. If that means i'm broke, well, ok I
      am. I pick on you because of the way you acted at the
      JMAR message board. You bad mouthed the hell out of
      that company yet claimed no position. From there you
      talked up SBUX and the only way to have made money so
      far would have been to short it on your
      recommendation. Don't tell me about averaging down. I know it's
      your money and you can do what you want. Do something
      constructive and tell me why SBUX fell like it did? While
      you're at it tell me why it continues to drift lower. In
      your honest opinion of course.

    • You bet, as it turns out UK was well worth the 2
      year wait, sold this morning, no regrests at all.
      great for my bottomline.
      Getting back to Sbux,
      again, I agree with you, and I will not be buying any
      further positions in Stux for a while. My sell target
      price is $41.00 a Sh.After selling at that price, the
      stock could continue its rise, or go lower, but either
      way, i will still have a good size profit to crow
      about.. target sell price is t $41$.. Love your posts, so
      far I agree with everything you said, But, If I
      diagree with you, do not take it to heart, you have the
      right to you opinions as I do mine, we may not agree
      all that you say, But i will always respect your
      right to say it.
      I must leave you for a while, My
      arthris fingers and hands are giving me a good deal of
      pain. Sorry buddy, but, first this first.

    • Hi, I complete agree with you, every last word,
      The selloff is about ready to a rise and another
      upserge in the maqrket, I never bought nto the Internets
      stock, not one,I felt that the fast buck artist will
      make a quick buck, but the long view the intewrenets
      are not sustainable. o anyone reading this post,
      frend or foe,I highly recommend to purchase additional
      share of the folowing stocks... Buy more Sbux, @ the
      opening of $22 1/6 and Ds at $25.7/ or lower.. these both
      perhaps go lower after the oppening, vbut in turn, may or
      higher. Both these stock shoud rse in tme and be
      profitable soon. Don't Sell, otherwise your a sure loser in
      dollars and cents, right now, your losing only on paper,
      so all of you HOLD ON, you will not be sorry.
      for you buddy, As I said before, I agree with you
      100%, the sell off got the fears in the Mom and Pop
      shareholders, that sold short for fear of losing their savings,
      the margin buyer, well, What can I say, you already
      know that story, Huh?.. Another, situation, bought
      Union Carbide (UK) two years ago, and held it unti now,
      I am selling UK at 62.81 and a very hansome proft,
      it was well worth the wait. By the way, I may miss
      my guess, the FEDS will hold off until late Sept or
      the begining of Nov. to raise interest rates, IMHO,
      Just a guess.
      do not hype any stock, if I can
      help, and some people call that hyping then I am hyping
      any stock that could help stockholers bottom ine.. I
      never pump or dump any stock, never. EOM
      KJeep up
      you level headed way of thinking,hope to call you my
      friend, Tailspin.God speed

    • in other words, you are going to blind fold
      yourself and jump off the cliff hoping someone to catch
      you at the bottom. the fact is, the sentiment about
      this stock has channged. get the facts, the main
      driving force for stock price is supply and demand. at
      the present time, more people want to sell than buy.
      if you say you are going to trust SBUX in blind
      faith, then you are going to be a very sad man a month

    • I am really mad of the performance of this stock,
      I know it makes all the longs so frustrated, I
      really want to dump it, to buy some other healthy ones.
      But think it again, what was the reason that made us
      long on SBUX? Did the fact of that growth change? No,
      so I am gonna stop checking its price for a week or
      so, maybe a month or so. Sbux will be my last stock
      to sale off, if market crashes, and I know that
      wouldn't happen.

    • Then we will just laugh, snicker, giggle and ignore. I have decided to no longer read their postings. Normhillstocks on the other hand seems be in the know.

    • The good news is that school starts again in just
      a few short weeks...that means that we will lose
      the "benefit" of having the children on the

      The bad news: the board will be a lot less

      Guess that's just a cross we'll have to bear.

    • at least you understand why she gets the treatment she gets.

    • where in the hell do you hide??
      give out your
      phone # and address you dumb ass.
      go hunt you
      another good man to kill.
      probably can not get one now
      you over the hill ass.
      do not reply to t-dog or
      myself if you can not stand the heat.
      as i said
      before, you are the instigator of all the rath on
      have a bad day you dumb old ass.

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