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  • whitesox586 whitesox586 Aug 17, 1999 2:26 AM Flag

    Realelistic answers only!

    At this point in the year I am resigned to erring
    on the side of caution. If then a sharp downtrend
    doesn't occur I'll end up buying at normal range prices.

    If there is interest in investments other than sbux,
    take a look at csco and lu and see what you think. I
    am watching these myself. GE is a personal favorite
    and a stock I would really love to own. If you like
    mutual funds, take a look too at the AIM Value fund
    (another favorite on my shopping

    Pharmacuticals have been in an extended downtrend and if I were
    not already overly invested in this area I would have
    definately added shares when mrk was down to nearly 60. I'm
    always hearing something about biochemicals but not
    being much of a risk taker, I'd just as soon let the
    big companies make these deals for me.

    I have
    a hard time taking an interest in financials but
    only for lack of being better disciplined. It is
    however a sector that seems to hold continued appeal
    among brokers and market commentators.

    A small
    cap that I currently own and really like is vsio. As
    far as I can tell, it appeals to both long and short
    term traders. Personally, I think it's a really good
    company with a promising future but as with all stocks
    and sectors mentioned, I am not making
    recommendations - just sharing my preferences.

    Currently I
    do not have a position on sbux and am maintaining a
    stock watch. If panic is starting to set in, then
    please at least take a long walk before making any
    decisions. Talk to someone too, ideally someone who can be
    objective about your emotions and your investment. If you
    are considering changes don't forget to look at your
    portfolio as a whole.

    Regarding y2k meltdown, I'm
    not quite sure how to deal with this one other than
    to keep it removed from lingering thoughts. Even
    then I try to keep it on a abstract plane. I am also
    one to pray for the higher

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    • good. In terms of planning, a broker I like very
      much is recommending 50% cash portfolios to his
      conservative clients.

      For all concerned, I'd like to
      see sbux do really well and for all of the market to
      have a successful 4th qtr. Good luck to both of you.

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      • Just for clarification, I like rsim's responses. The stocks I mentioned are in the context of additional investments.

      • Ideally a message board is for sharing ideas and
        exhanging information, a place to safely express concerns
        and differances of opinions. Unfortunately slamming
        insults and never ending feuds that are malicious in
        nature occur on almost every message board. Still, this
        board is the very worst in lacking restraint.

        am sorry to read that Boxcar has had all he can
        stand and is signing off. I can't say I blame him given
        the level of daily toxicity. For the time being, I
        continue to check in because I know there are others like
        myself who share adult interest. I anyway take for
        granted that if my own revulsion continues then I will
        drop out of this message board too. So far I've been
        spared and I have mostly received quality feedback. Even
        so, every time I dare post it's with the sense that
        however anonymously, I'm still a human being putting
        myself at risk to insult and ridicule.

        I wish
        everyone the very best of luck (and I do mean everyone).
        It is also my hope that those who can use a message
        board responsibly will continue to post and post more

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