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  • NYGUY516 NYGUY516 Sep 7, 1999 8:13 AM Flag

    The next two trading weeks

    SHOULD be very good for SBUX. IMO we should see
    $26 to $28 by September 17. Right now, the 200 DMA is
    stting just under $28. Over the past five years SBUX has
    ALWAYS rallied back to the 200 DMA in a relatively short
    period of time. There are no fundamental or technical
    reasons why this time should be any diferent. Goooooo

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    • did u consider the price of coffee beans have gone up 25% last week that mite put a small flaw in your theory ...unless u dont mind payin up for a box of joe ......oh sorry thats dunkin donuts watch if it mite drop to 15 .85 or possibly to 15 .65 first

    • Colvillechiro, checking out the competition takes
      many forms.

      What does the place look
      Does it feel comfortable to sit there and have a
      Is it a clean place?
      How big is the menu's
      How does it all compare to Bucky's?
      yes...<gasp>...once in a while paying $2.75 for a large skinny
      cappuccino is part of checking out the

      Ya gots ta know what you're up against.

      nobody as yet makes a decent equivalent of a triple
      vente skim capp (my fav drink at Bucky's)! And NOBODY
      has the consistency Bucky's does either, which is
      reeeeeeeeeally important some bleary-eyed mornings.

      sue me, but I think checking out the competition is
      part of necessary due diligence. :-)

      and a caffeine buzz, all at


    • Sbux will rise to 35-41 as I have stated many
      times on this board, All longs will be rewarded very
      nicely, You have bought value and stayed with A great
      company, that will add to your bottom line... buy more
      sbux at these prices, if you can... We'll see the rise
      very soon, only time will tell who was right.

    • Sbux will hit $35-41 @ share.. Don't know
      exactly, but have predicted this rise and price for a long
      time on this board.. all longs will be rewarded by
      staying with the very best, STARBUCKS. Time will tell, et
      see if this old man will be right.

      Stay wqith
      value Always.

    • Sbux will hit $35=41 @ share.. Dont know exacry,
      but have predicted this rise and price for a long
      time on this board.. all longs will be rewared by
      staying with the very best, STARBUCKS. Time will tell, et
      see if this old man will be right.

      Stay wqith
      value Always.

    • SBUX is ripe for a nice jump we had a buy rec a
      couple of weeks ago and the stock is half the price of
      it's high.

      Sales will be great the rest of the
      year with college in swing along with cold weather.
      Coffee warms the soul ya know

      go SBUX

    • I could not have expressed it better. This seems
      to be a problem with most of these message boards.
      Maybe the folks who enjoy insulting each other could
      just exchange e-mail addresses so the rest of us won't
      have read your badgering.
      I think we are going to
      see a long slow climb because for each $ gained,
      there will be a lot of folks bailing out. I definitely
      see a long term rise though for those who go long.

    • As a potential investor, it is so nice to come to
      this board and read at least two messages that are
      informative and/or interesting. That should not be too much
      to ask. I have seen this happen consistently in
      other boards. But for some reason, informative and/or
      interesting messages are really hard to come by in this

      I know some of you guys must enjoy
      insulting each other day in and day out, week in and week
      out, year in and year out. If you guys did not enjoy
      it, you would not continue to taunt each other
      endlessly. But please, a little consideration for the other
      board members who may actually be looking for
      intelligent observations on both the company and the stock
      price. If at all possible, could you guys keep the
      insults to maybe 3 a day. That way you don't waste your
      best material all at once and you won't bore the other
      board memebers to tears day in and day

      Thank you for your cooperation.

    • SBUX holders, "checking out the competition", no wonder the sales are only up 6%. :-)

    • I agree with DrNova and Sbuxman re: buying the
      company and not the stock. I am also consistently happy
      with the product and check out the competition
      whenever possible.

      I bought in at 20-1/2 several
      weeks ago, and am very happy with that timing, though
      it was through no fault of my own. I've never been a
      good timer.

      The question is this:

      anyone have any idea what percentage of the till
      Starbucks gets on its collaberations with Barnes & Noble?

      Believe it or not, we only have one SBUX in this part of
      upstate NY and its at a B&N. I frequent it as often as
      possible. Have to prop up my investments a dollar at a
      time, after all.

      Stay Long And Prosper (SLAP)

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