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  • tctopdog_98 tctopdog_98 Oct 6, 1999 1:59 PM Flag

    What's up with the profanity?? tctopdog

    Read the 10Q dipshit. Focus on the financials.
    There is no asset here. This SBUX is striclty a high
    risk play, no matter how you cut it up. Profits are
    very dependent upon continuing sales, due in part to a
    bloated hdqtrs staff. Labor costs are up. Inventories are
    up. (also of questionable value). Lease costs are up.
    Stores are too small, insufficient serving area, ans
    outdated serving techniques, along with insufficient

    Now, interest rates are up. Competition
    is increasing. Prices are up in a consumer oriented
    market. Worse than all of this FACT, managment has cut
    "projected growth to a comfortable 25 %"...that is like
    "lowering the bar, to make sure you can get over the

    If you think all of this is good news, you are a
    stupid shit, and an asshole, not just an

    If you cannot read the report, please do not attack
    me. I surrender company information for your review.
    Dumb shits like you should get off the Board and go to

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