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  • gem711 gem711 Sep 23, 1999 9:18 AM Flag

    upgrade for sure

    08:39 ET Starbucks (SBUX) 21: Goldman Sachs upgrades to "recommended list" from "market outperform". on Briefing .com


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    • I liked your comments. I am in the great
      North*wet* , but i race with sailboats. I think any good,
      clean , competition with good sportsmanship is fun.
      Like you I have to scrape together $$ for sails,
      ropes, etc but as long as i do not run out of after-race
      beer money, my crew loves me.

      If my crew drank
      as much SBUX as beer this stock would be around 90
      or so.

      Just my 2 cents, thanks.

    • Well, I had to go back and read my prior post to
      see how I offended you. I asked you a REAL question.
      From what I remember, a VFR is a fairly heavy bike and
      not extremely quick or nimble for it's displacement.
      That's why I asked about the weight/displacement break.
      An RC is a special purpose built race bike...I am
      somewhat familiar with them. Congratulations on owning

      I race virtually every single weekend. I live to
      race, I try to invest wisely to support my race effort
      as large sponsors are hard to come by. Most racers
      are happy to talk about their sport and portray an
      excellent public image because the public has a bad opinion
      of us to begin with.

      I am happy to say that
      none of the racers at my track would speak to me the
      way you just did...we are all friends. From those
      with the elite machines down to the guy who has to
      scrape every penny to compete on a weekly

      This is not the place to talk about racing...I know
      that...I simply found it interesting that there are at
      least three of us on this board that are involved in

      I'm hoping that you simply mistook my

    • YOu ever heard of an RC30 or RC 45? Thats the
      race version of the VFR you dumbass. Learn something
      before you open that trap of yours. Thats what I race,
      and ride. I have 4 bikes for your information. The
      RC30 and RC45 aren't known by most, but VFR is, and
      thats why I put it, plus I have a new VFR800 that I
      bolt around town on some. So get your shit together
      before you expel it from your mouth.

    • Your're full of bullshit that I can smell it up to here. So, just shut up and gargle some listerine!

    • Patience is truly a virtue in the stock market game. Good luck to all.

    • forgot to tell everyone how many stitches
      it took to sew that puny little pickle back on after
      I bit it off...

      You're so pathetic you
      couldn't even get a vacuum cleaner to blow

      Laughing out loud at you, f3

    • you look soooooooo great with my cock in your mouth
      you know you love it hmmmmmmmmmm ssssoooooooooo goooddddd

    • if this thing breaks out 24 1/4 and sustain there for about an hour. that will be a very bullish sign, if it breaks that resistance. Next stop will be around 25 1/2.

    • DITTO! ! ! ! ! ! What s/he said...

      giggling at you, you frigging idiot!

    • .. at communicating was "YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT

      Brbbbbbbthhpptttt .. or
      whatever your name is... if you are going to attempt to
      insult the intelligence of someone, at LEAST be correct
      with your spelling, grammar and punctuation. You
      missed numerous commas, incorrectly spelled "know", and
      incorrectly utilized the term "shit". I won't even point out
      your incorrect abbreviation of "Son of a Bitch". In
      the future, you social retard, I suggest that you pay
      more attention to your own mental limitations and
      cease commenting on the "supposed" lack of mental
      faculties of others... you fucking moron.

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