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  • detomaso69 detomaso69 Dec 5, 1999 12:38 PM Flag

    Higher than 35

    I also agree, but anticipate it will be in the
    40s soon. All last year when I was in the stock, the
    SSS were consistantly around $5 or $6, and the stock
    price was in the low $40s. But now in my canual
    observations, I have heard consistant monthly reports of SSS at

    So, to me, it seems business is even better, and the
    stock price is only in the $20s. I don't think their
    internet ventures added that much to their expenses to the
    effect of decreasing earnings. They are back on track,
    and SSS are going up!!!

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      Stop acting like a 5 year old, PLEASE. And as for how
      much this stock has gone down and blah blah blah the
      shit is rolling out of your mouth BS, waaaa cry me a
      river cause I�m a complainer and can�t handle the stock
      market changes ---> (TCDOGGY) Many of us bought back
      in low. (Myself included) and are not in the hole
      anymore. So shut the hell up, your looking like a fool.
      Actually, don't sure up, because your entertaining to say
      the least. Rude and arrogant too, but I guess you
      have to take the good with the bad. You are a VERY sad
      excuse for a human being though.. Very very sad. Someone
      screwed up big time on you buddy. heh. :p

    • SBUX is a step ahead of you. Check out the
      following link about coffee sales to

      go to the "Business Services" link on their web site
      to get your office signed up.


    • Why can't Starbucks sell to corporations for employees to drink? Instead, where I'm at, they make us drink this awful tasting crap. Most of us have to stop at SBUX on the way in.

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    • actually, i'm up a little over 8%. but thanks for
      the response, as it allows those who aren't familiar
      with your tactics to see that your "analysis" of SBUX
      is unsupportable. your reply also makes clear that
      your only recourse is to make personal attacks (you
      aren't even good at that!).
      having you around is
      like having my own personal puppet! i can get you to
      say exactly what i want you to, exactly when i want
      you to say it. your response achieved just the result
      i was looking for. i should have just said "show
      everyone that you're a complete idiot" and been done with
      it, because that is exactly what you did. thanks for
      being so cooperative!

    • You are indeed the pathetic one. Sounds like you
      should join your son in jail. If your son gets out of
      jail, make sure that you sleep with your ass against
      the wall, so that you do not become too "close" to

      If SBUX is such "a piece of shit", why do you still
      have some of the shares, or are you laughing at
      yourself, when you state that the shares are down 35% from
      6 months ago. If you have no shares, then do us all
      a favour, and SHUT THE F_CK UP!

    • I am trying to determine what a reasonable
      forward earnings PE for SBUX is. Find no remotely similar
      peers for comparison. Yahoo Profile page lists SBUX
      being in the Food Processing sector. No companies on
      the list are great for comparison as most are full
      service or fast food restaurants. Most have very low PEs.
      SBUX mainstay product costs less than a meal and
      people come back repeatedly out of habit/pure enjoyment.
      (Anyone know what percent of their profit SBUX generates
      off of its restaurants and sales of miscellaneous
      products?) Reaching far out for comparison to a mature, food
      related company here: SBUX has very different product,
      image and clientele than say, McDonalds, but similarity
      is that MCD's mainstay product is relatively
      inexpensive, convenient, has name recognition and lots of
      repeat business. If my math is right MCD current PE for
      this years earnings estimate is 32, next years 28.
      SBUX seems to have more growth potential than MCD, and
      not as much competition. Not apples/apple, I know,
      but. . . . At it's high early this year SBUX had a PE
      of about 61 for this year's earnings estimate.
      Obviously unsupportable. Microsoft only has a forward
      earning PE of about 51, Intel 30. SBUX PE Now at about 34
      next year's earnings. Unless investors are searching
      for places to put their money I can't see SBUX
      holding above PE of more than 42 (next year's estimates),
      which would put it's price at 35. If it zooms about
      that level, it's getting risky, unless earnings
      forcasts change drastically.
      recognition: peerless
      Image: Still has appeal to young and
      older audiences
      Competition: Numerous regional
      chains, independent coffee houses.
      Investment Class:
      Maturing company. Hasn't peeked but not the go-go stock it
      was the first few years after it came public.
      Delivering steady earnings from repeat food & beverage
      business. Moves it closer to the safety of other
      food/beverage related businesses that are a mainstay in risky
      Growth: Continuing to expand core business worldwide
      while world economy is improving. Identifying new
      markets for expansion. Worldwide expansion potential of
      core businesses still seems pretty good but more
      difficult than domestic.
      Risk: Moving too far away from
      its core business.

      Sorry for long post, but
      looking for good observations from others about
      reasonable expectations for this stock.

      • 1 Reply to kateinseattle
      • lost it's focus. it i svery yesterday as a
        concept and stock to own. It is very richly priced at
        this level. Management is inconsistent and frequnetly
        disappoints. owning at this level is very risky.
        They might
        mature into a real company, but so far, they are long on
        hype.....and completely unable to address core issues like
        labor costs, slow and poor customer service, and
        underdesigned stores (too small). All of this will come to a
        head in the next year and bad news will prevail.

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