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  • tctopdog_98 tctopdog_98 Dec 6, 1999 2:30 PM Flag

    Higher than 35

    lost it's focus. it i svery yesterday as a
    concept and stock to own. It is very richly priced at
    this level. Management is inconsistent and frequnetly
    disappoints. owning at this level is very risky.
    They might
    mature into a real company, but so far, they are long on
    hype.....and completely unable to address core issues like
    labor costs, slow and poor customer service, and
    underdesigned stores (too small). All of this will come to a
    head in the next year and bad news will prevail.

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    • What about the international expansion plans for
      SBUX. Living here in the UK, I can tell you that they
      are without a doubt the most popular coffee shop in
      town. The others don't even come close. All of the
      shops that I have been to are always busy, which is
      good for us shareholders. I understand that SBUX wants
      to expand into continental Europe (500 new stores),
      which has never seen the likes of SBUX (I used to live
      in Germany, so I know what it is like to not be able
      to get good coffee). So, while you might have the
      issues you talk about in North America, they don't exist
      for the moment here.

      The true growth for SBUX
      will not come from North America, it will come from
      Europe. You might want to consider that there is a whole
      other world outside of whatever town in America you
      come from. Wake up and smell the (international)

    • Right on Daddy. By the way, mommy is still making me let her sit on my lap, so I guess she isn't ready for you to come back home just yet.
      Your son,

    • Store size must be a dilemna for planners. A
      couple of advantages to small store size: 1)Visual
      perception is that business is booming and it's the place to
      frequent. 2)Real estate costs are high in urban core and
      can't afford alot of seating space for loungers.
      3)Ugrades are easier/less costly in small spaces. I agree,
      the bloom is off the concept here, but msg 12465
      echoes what a coffee-loving friend of mine says who just
      moved from Seattle to the Boston outskirts. . .there is
      hardly anywhere to go for a good cup of coffee where he
      is. SBUX not mature but maturing and seems to face
      identity crisis as it searches for ways to expand its
      foothold and grow its influence.

    • he has been spouting the same ridiculous garbage
      for over a year now. 6 months ago he started this
      "very yesterday" crap and began predicting that SBUX
      would fall to 14 (or lower) within a day or 2. as with
      every other tcpup prediction....the opposite happened.
      the only thing "long on hype" around he is tcpup. in
      order to give the appearance that he arrived at his
      conlusions through diligent analysis, he makes up stories
      and calls them facts. don't bother asking him to
      substantiate his claims, he'll only restate them (which seems,
      in his mind, to constitute subsantiation). he likes
      to disappear for a while only to return with the
      same bs. i think he just saves his old posts and cuts
      and pastes them into new ones.

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