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  • whatruslakin whatruslakin Mar 11, 2007 1:39 PM Flag

    word of mouth

    They should be installing systems in homes so they can sell the electricity back to the grid. If more people seen the systems working I think they would sell more units.

    The probelem with Capstone is they deal with businesses that install them and no one knows about it except a few CEO's

    I would install one and let anyone come by to see how it works. Like a display system. Then I would become a sales agent and installer making a commission off each sale.

    Why aren't they doing that? It would be like getting a free sales person to sell your products.

    Could it be they lose money on each unit and don't want to sell more? If that is the case they need to fire some executives and cut the production costs down.

    They are doing niether and the company stock is crap. So I would think anything is better than storing them on a shelf hoping someone buys one.

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    • In my view they may gain better margins in methane and other waste gas recovery, essentially tapping flareoffs with no NG purchases needed by the customer. Whereever there is garbage or sewage and methane, landfills, sewage plants, livestock farms, as well as all kinds of flareoffs from oil rigs to the local grain store. Just watch, 10% of our energy needs is my estimate, from methane/other waste gas/flareoff recovery, with or without these guys. Look it up on their website, they helped build the model in some areas of it. American made, 0 or low net emissions grade, energy independence, farms and all kinds of vital services improved, methane buildup eliminated, less smog and removes the stink. The last CEO put all those players on the bench, let�s see if this one can tackle some real markets, with real sales and real margins solving real problems, otherwise get someone who can in there.

    • mountain919191 Mar 11, 2007 4:41 PM Flag

      1) They do have several of their microturbines operating at their facility.

      2) You just can't sell power to the grid. You have to meet a bunch of qualifications from the utility, agree on a price, and then generate the electricity using Natural gas. Right now natural gas is much too expensive to be able make a profit by selling electricity back to the grid. Do you want them to lose even more money? DO you think this will help the stock price? Do you engagae in thought or do you just type things.

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