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  • whatruslakin whatruslakin Mar 7, 2008 5:40 PM Flag

    C2 - C5 - C10 ??

    Why doesn't Capstone look into producing an inexpensive portable version that could run on throw away propane cylinders just for emergency back use and for the cell towers. Then they could use that same design fueled with gasoline or diesel for other uses. I think there would be a huge market for a turbine power unit other than a Honda generator. It would be quieter, cheaper and make more power with less fuel.

    One advantage the turbine is it's light weight. In order to make cars reach the new milage rules they need to lower the weight. To many batteries in the cars makes them heavy and the combustion engines makes them even heavier. A small turbine is all you need to charge a battery because a lot of time you are at a red light or coasting and the turbine would be stillrunning at full speed.

    They could even have two turbines in a car so it can be switched from single to dual when needed.

    If they use capacitors they can get a huge power boost for take offs from a standing still position and keep the turbines small and batteries to a minimum. I believe capacitors will be a big part of the future of the automobile.

    Fuel cells are a long way off to working properly and the turbine is here now. Not sure why no one is using them yet. Only Ballard makes a small turbine but it does not have air bearings. Imagine having a car that needs no maintenece no oil changes no spark plugs? What a selling point.

    Plus they would have a whole new market for portable generators for camping and backup systems etc. They could make 2k, 5k and 10k units for motorcycles and autos.

    This could be done at a new facility seperate from the large production. Maybe on the east coast at a brownfield site using tax breaks and energy grants. That would be smart way to do it. Then they would have a local office for NYC to.

    The 30k is already a good choice for buses, trucks and larger heavy equipment. All it needs to be downsized to use in millions of vehicles. Their could even be a conversion kit for older vehicles to replace the combustion engines with a turbine and electric motors.

    It would be really simple to do this. They already have the electronics working. Every engine could even be monitored by a cell phone signal.

    To me it is a no brainer. Not only should they go bigger with small qauntities they should go smaller with mass qauntities. This would help make them a dominent player in the future instead of a buy out target.

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    • This company spent a few years building a turbine for cars ( type Rosen brothers and turbine into a search engine.)

    • There's one for sale on the globalturbine site. It is used though.

    • I hear Capstone is hiring. You should submit your resume.
      All the best,
      Sentiment: Onward and upword.

    • To be honest with you the Prius is a waste of time. Looks at the huge tranny and cases and all the drive shafts. It is really a joke. Almost like they want to mae it look real complicated to do and they've done just that.

      All that is needed is either a single motor where the transaxle and two hallf shafts or a motor at each wheel. There are electric motors that will give you tourque at low end and high speed efficiency now. A variable drive centrifical tranny can be used for high performance cars.

      Electronics allow the computer to control everything today. With GPS and accelerometers you can even tell the speed and direction right down to a lane change.

      So when you turn the wheel it would use an electronic steering box and slow one motor on the left side down to make the car would drift to the left lane. No need to turn the wheels.

      Then when you turn a corner it would speed the outside wheels up to help it turn and keep high traction. That makes it more efficient because it reduces drag. Plus there is no need for heavy limited slip differentials, axles, hubs etc.

      It is so simple to design that I am amazed it is not in the mainstream. The weight savings alone would eliminate half the cars weight. That would allow roll bars to be installed to increase the safety.

      The car would be basically a race car frame a turbine generator and battery pack that is part of the structural frame. Bolts in and out to be rebuilt. Could be made to a standard spec to fit many cars.

      So you would only have a turbine, the generator, a battery pack and 2 or 4 wheel motors. Thats it. The CPU will control it all. Not very many parts to break.

      They even have motors that are built right into a wheel hub. Like they use on heavy equipment. This is not something new. Trains, bulldozers, back hoes all use simliar concepts.

      If you can imagine a stator and amature around an old style brake drum or using the disc rotor as the amature.

      Remember no need for disc brakes because it is done with the electronics in reverse. It charges the battery when it creates drag to stop the car. It is so logical.

    • Cool.

      I have the design ideas but they are no good with out the funding. A lot of the young engineers over design products today. They do not have hands on training like the older generation does. They started with computers and create from design software using solid models. That is great but they lack the thought process to be creative and think out of the box. Unless they been involved with racing or autos.

      I have a lot of ideas I know would work if I only had the money and support to build them. Where do you get that support that is the question?

      So I buy stocks in companies I think may be profitable and hopefully will make me money. Then I can design my own patents that they can license from me and pay royalties on. Those are only a few of my ideas I can share with others. Most of the real good ideas I keep to myself. It is a shame because it could help the whole world.

      Better watch out that noise isn't your front pump in the tranny. They also makes a cool sound like that then one day you have no gears.

    • Man, you are a buzz word maniac!!!!!

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      • Yes I am aware of that bike plus Leno owns a crazy machine to. They do not get good fuel milage. Those turbines are larger that the C30 and not very fuel efficent.

        You need to use a small turbine that charges a battery and uses a capacitor for take off. The turbine would be about 50 - 100 lbs.

        The auto companies need to reach a new milage rating so they will be looking for new ideas.
        I have a way to do it cheaply and need a company that can produce the turbines. Capstone has the air bearing. That would be a key patent to the technology. A no maintence vehicle.

        I believe my design would get 100 MPG. I would like to put it in an older Corvette. That way the motor could be installed right into the drive train. The Turbine would charge the batteries that power the motor.

        If I could find a small turbine that wasn't so expensive. I found some tiny ones but they were way to expensive and basically just novelties. No one makes a inexpensive one to use for these purposes. Capstones design is perfect to do that with. If they could make a C2 for 2 grand or a C5 for 5 grand that would be feasable to use in other projects. It would be on the same price scale as the c30 for 30k.

      • that cost way too much

    • I'd rather they get bought out then I could retire

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      • Yeah true but if they got into a market that challenged Hondas market and other mainstream companies they would be worth a lot more.

        There is a huge market for small generators. A turbine can be downsized real easy since it is only a fan on a shaft. The hot exhaust is one issue that would need to be dealt with. Maybe a radiator or intercooler would work.

        Of course they would have to deal with a lot more people for less money. But the profits per unit would be much higher.

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