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  • jag4biz jag4biz Aug 12, 2008 11:58 AM Flag

    TBoone Pickens Plan & CPST

    Yesterday both CPST's CEO D Jamison and Boone Pickens were speaking to the public...TBP explained the details of his energy plan to free up natural gas (which we know can power a microturbine) for the transportation market. We may have heard that before...what he said on NPR yesterday was that his FIRST goal is to target large trucks (30% of all diesel/gas use today) ....CPST stated they are in talks with a major truck company to use CPST for power...what a great idea, switch from, relatively, dirty diesel to clean burning NG and become more efficient as well using turbine vs. piston tech! Oh, both Sevin Rosen an original investor in CPST (John Jaggers partner now CPST board member) and Mr. Pickens offices are Dallas based...good ideas down there in Dallas. Trucks...millions of trucks...billions in NG investments...this production bottleneck can amount to a pile BS...if the right price is found, just licensing CPST technology would be worth billions to CPST...oh, and no production needed on our part. GET REAL>>>>

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    • I have a friend in Stuart, Fl. where Elliot is based. I've gone by it twice and there's nothing happening there. Think I read a Japanese Co. bought them, but I wouldn't trust my memory on that.

    • some claim that Elliott MTs are competition, but reading about them suggests otherwise -- in the MT market, I know of no other MT with one moving part and air bearings

    • Why don't you help my DD by answering my question instead of just suggesting I need to do DD?

      I know they run on multiple fuels. I know they run quiet. I know they boast a long MTTS/MTTR. I know they have low emissions. That stuff is on the first page of their website and is hardly what I'd call DD.

      My question was who competes? Who is a threat (national and international)?


    • ah noze a t-bone pikkenz. hee wurks att da faktree. ah diddent no hee haz a plann. heez speshul lyk larry.

      larryz mom

    • Wow, man, you've got a lot of DD to do...get started my friend...thousands of operating hours for their units...anything close to the C30 or C60 (their first units at 30/60 kw)? not in terms of low emissions, low noise, range of fuels , low maint. cost/life cycle costs Or now the C200 is coming on line and UTC puts five of these together for a 1000 configuration...1mega watt...200 has all these features and even better cost per kw

    • That is the exact thing on my long part. TBP plan fits CPSTS ICR Turbine for truck in a perfect model. When its annouced that they have signed a national licensing agreement with a major truck manufacturing company the rocket will be in liftoff mode headed to galaxy like STAR TREK.

    • WPT.TO is working woldwide, including India, China, with manufacturers of diesel engines. Natural gas is primarily the fuel. Some diesel fuel still used to provide needed torque and power. Engines have met EPA standards. IPO will be offered on the NASDAQ later this year. Some work has been done with automobile manufactures using hydrgen. I support TBP and anyone else who promotes the use of natural gas and ultimately hydrogen.

    • Some note has been made of increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions in heavy truck applications (including hybrid drive systems). But how about this:

      Many (I have not idea on %'s) of the heavy transport trailers include a diesel-powered "reefer" unit to chill the goods. It would seem that considerable additional fuel efficiency would be derived from an integrated hybrid traction/refrigeration system that would employ the waste heat of the turbine to fire a cooling system for the trailer... or should I say trailers in the case of truck trains (tractor + 2 trailers). The BROAD company, with which CPST signed an agreement not to long ago, is a developer of possibly suitable refrigeration technology using a closed-loop Lithium Bromide adsorption chillers.

      Here is a supporting document from the US Department Of Energy:

      Guide to Developing Air-
      Cooled LiBr Absorption
      for Combined Heat and
      Power Applications

      If you don't read anything else, be sure to pay attention to the mention of microturbines and efficiencies on page 6.

    • Great post! Just one more item, NG is a lot cheaper than diesel or gasoline. Plus our turbines get more mpg than anything out there.

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      • efficiency aspect is BIG TIME. Boone is a curmudgeonly old SOB but I can't help but like him and his common sense resolve...we've got the NG here and we could use it more effectively running it through the microturbine and switching to wind for power...I think the guy is an fing genius, patriot and run away best seller! So is CPST and the air bearing...this production bottleneck bs is 19th century...when the majority get the right price for a license etc...pps to the stratosphere GET REAL>>>>

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