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  • smartalexscience45 smartalexscience45 Sep 4, 2008 8:09 AM Flag

    Palin is a worldclass creep.


    This Palin creep is just the type of person they (Republicans) love to support. This woman has the past of a tyrant. She fired a librarian for not taking books off the shelf that she deemed inappropriate. She fired a cop for not firing another cop who was involved in a messy divorce with her sister. Real nice huh? She wants creationism taught in public schools alongside evolution. (Someone with that view should be banned from public office) She dismissed a bunch of her running opponent's supporters after the last election. Nice message. Disagree with me and you're gone. The list goes on and on. This fem is a real winner. Gotta love those Republicans who support this kind of nonsense!

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      Wow. You obviously don't know me. Not once did I attack anyone personally here, yet you do that to me? Again, more reactions and not enough thought-out responses. Keep throwing mud to blur the opinion sharing and conversation here. We'll all be quite impressed. What a freaking tool.

    • Holy Shit..another Progressive minded lunatic..lead by George Soro's BOY..and running to Starbucks every hour to get a pat on the back from the rest of the thinking deprived liberals. Polly want a cracker?

    • "Liberals need only to be accepting and embracing of world views that they agree with and any that they disagree with should be eradicated with hatred, scorn and intellectual dishonesty."

      Excuse me here. Not trying to pick a fight, but I have to ask, are you referring to ALL liberal-minded people, or just this poster? If you're referring to all, then you look like a complete idiot, insulting multitudes of strangers to you and spewing off this sort of rhetoric. If you're referring to the poster, then I have to reply, "Noted," and add, "People should know better and use their brains instead of resorting to childish reactions. Message boards can be interesting and appropriate places for adult RESPONSES to others' posts, but thoughtless and crass REACTIONS are clutter and a waste of time and space." You're right if that's your implication; hatred, scorn and intellectual (?) dishonesty do not belong here.

      Please leave the rest of the progressive-minded folks out there out of it. Thanks.

    • kaiserfamily1 Sep 4, 2008 8:44 PM Flag

      What do ya mean disagree with you and your gone.
      Ok little Hitler!
      She has more qualifications to be a President than the "Hidden Agenda" Obama.
      To not be allowed to be in public office because she doesn't agree with Libs???
      Why should my children be forced to hear all about evolution (which not even Darwin believed into todays version) and not the other possibilities??
      That’s ok, if there is no God than we have no reason to fear a hell!! That’s bad news for the bunch you hang around with, because than open season begins ;)
      I'm sure you believe in Inafnt Geniside, Marking every body with a cancer causing inplant or OFF WITH THEIR HEADS and I'm sure you belive there are too many people for the planet to support.
      You are The CREEP.

    • Liberal's definition of tolerance:

      Everyone (i.e. conservatives) should be accepting and EMBRACING of all world views. Liberals need only to be accepting and embracing of world views that they agree with and any that they disagree with should be eradicated with hatred, scorn and intellectual dishonesty.

      For example:
      "She's religiously kooky"
      "backwater thinking should not be allowed"
      "she's as nasty as they come"
      "This fem is not fit for leadership"

    • Home run.

      (Disclaimer: I lean toward being fiscally conservative and socially more on the liberal side and I'm an Independent voter for the best person for the job.)

      She accomplished what her coaches told her to do, and she said all the things that the fist-pounding crowd wanted to hear. She succeeded in appealing to whichever women out there were willing to fall for her gender persuasion, and she did that VERY well. Also did pretty well avoiding bringing up her documented extreme stance on several issues. Nice speech.

      Of course, as I've mentioned in various posts, I am against a lot of Palin's policy stances which I believe to be too extreme on the "rightwing" side of things. Especially the women's rights (pro-life!), censoship of books, and extreme religious views she has. I am NOT a "left-winger," either. Common sense rules my thinking with these matters, not partisan politics. Anyway, it will be very interesting to see how John McCain does in his speech, to say the least. Obama is a tough act to follow in that regard. McCain is not a very comfortable person to watch. He is just so... not with it, in a manner of speaking. We don't need another "soldier" leading this country (the one highlight of his resume - and over-done ad nauseum), nor another simpleton, to boot. Too many problems, not enough intellectual capacity to help fix them.

      I respect Palin's grit, she's embracing the bulldog role, and the knives are now out. McCain can't do it. Still liking the Obama/Biden ticket, as the whole "experience" thing is moot when you consider that we need someone fresh and not corrupted by Washington, and smart enough to do well the first time through. Just my opinion.

      Actually, between McCain and Palin, I'd rather have to choose Palin for president, as I would quite honestly be more comfortable with her in office than he. I know, kinda crazy. I have to believe she'd put a damper on her extreme tendencies with religion and stuff if she ever made it that far, out of obligation to be more diplomatic with ALL matters of America and its diverse people. If you wanna talk "safe" bets, well, that's why I'm going the other way, though.



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      • In anticipation of his speech tonight, I'm thinking about McCain. And, I gotta say that I just can't back the guy. Details are above, but I'll add the whole partisan angle, which gets one thinking deeper about the whole situation.

        Go figure... imagine if, IF, McCain - since he's apparently so great for the common Joe or Jane Schmo from middle America - actually ran as an INDEPENDENT? Seriously. Now, after considering that for a moment... do you think he'd be the Man still, like where he stands now? Would you VOTE for this man under those mildly tweaked circumstances? I mean, it's just a label, an affiliation of sorts, right?

        See, therein lies my problem with this whole McCain ticket this year - a great big number of Republicans are NOT all about this guy; they're all about whomever the Republican is. I have a problem with that, personally. Blind loyalty is a dangerous thing, and that is an understatement when you really do think about it. Thus, my conclusion above. I don't have any faith in the guy, and I can't see his speech later tonight doing much to change that, if anything at all. But I'm all ears, regardless. Throw Colin Powell in the mix in his stead, listen to his policy stances, and then you'd see me swing to that ticket in rather quick timing. But, these are the choices we have. No thanks from this voter, McCain. May the better person for our country eventually win.

    • enough!!! off with your head Alex!!

    • Whoops... that should say "who also married Barack and Michelle years ago..."

    • Ask yourself why all the Red States have voting machines that have no paper trail and all the Blue States have machine with paper trails?

    • *shrug*

      At least he did it. Took some balls. I see your point, gowith. Please also consider this point, as well: The guy was a somewhat close friend of his who also Barack and Michelle years ago... all before he became more and more extreme with his pro-black/anti-white and rabble-rousing to feed his ego with "celebrity" status. Wright is an absolute idiot; good for Obama to seize the opportunity to get the hell away from him, once and for all.

      Ahhh, politics.

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