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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Oct 19, 2008 9:57 AM Flag

    Religion is destroying this country

    Religion is not destroying the country it is being destroyed by nutty people. Religion is a personal matter as it should be. Nuts are wanting everyone to follow them. Nuts need help. Shame, shame, shame.

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    • Makes you think about those "missionaries", doesn't it?

      ("Believe what I believe, for I fear for your soul being damned to Hell! Choose or lose... convert, be 'born again,' all that...")

      Shame on those people. They mean well at the base-intention level, and I get that, but you can easily see how far off the path they've strayed in their persuasive efforts. It's crossing the line, and it waves huge red warning flags to their ignorance, naivete, and, most importantly, their presumptuous obtrusiveness and arrogance that fall under the facade of "piety". Sounds like a big bash on them, right? I don't mean to condemn, as I do not have the power nor the interest to try to do so; but what I mean is this: The right to choose to believe in what one wants to believe in is not a civil right restricted to geography or political motive; rather, it is a fundamental HUMAN right.

      So, guess what, people? You're all entitled to believe what you want (duh), and, importantly, debate to your hearts' content... while, in the end, you're neither "right" nor "wrong". If I can dare offer anything to you without getting smeared by some of the brainwashed and defensive people here who cannot comprehend rationality with this subject, it is to simply go and believe the truth as you see it and as it makes sense to you. That's ultimately all that matters. To impress one's beliefs onto another with unpropitious self-righteousness "in the name of" is where I draw the line. Live your truth, and be a better person than you used to be because of it. To me, that's all that really matters here, and that's okay.


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      • "Live your truth, and be a better person than you used to be because of it. To me, that's all that really matters here, and that's okay."

        Fair enough and point taken. However, I think the debate occurs because of the religious folks who don't mind their own business. These is the danger of religion. There are many people who don't abuse their faith. It's the spreading minority who do that make it a political debate as well. There are people out there trying to drive a wedge into science. This is not acceptable. You can't change the way science operates and inject your religious beliefs. This in my opinion is why we have these debates. You what happens when creationism reaches the courts. The dishonesty and ignorance of these people shines through. Judge John E Jones of Dover PA. (a conservative Bush appointee no less) was horrified at the dishonesty of the defendants. Disgraceful.

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