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Capstone Turbine Corp. Message Board

  • whatruslakin whatruslakin Dec 30, 2008 8:14 PM Flag

    Electric Car Generators

    We all know that electric cars and trucks are coming. Why Capstome doesn't start producing small turbine generators to recharge lithium Ion batteries I don't know.

    The key to getting milage out of a car is to have a small engine to constantly run and charge the batteries. So when the car is at a stop light or going downhill the batteries get recharged. When you take off they are discharged. So getting the right size engine to charge them is critical. A small 10k turbine would be perfect. It would be quiet and perfect for an electric car.

    You need heat. An electric car would suck to much juice for heater. The turbine exhaust would run an intercooler and create heat for the car. Same goes for AC using an exchanger you can cool the car. This all happens while it is charging. Two major problems solved.

    Now as the car sits at a red light the battery charges. If you start out with a full charge from home like the Volt you can go 40 miles. The small engine would add hundreds of miles to this. The smaller engine will no power the car but if you run out of juice you can park and idle to recharge the battery to get to a plug for a full recharge.

    The turbine is better than a piston engine because it is quieter and can run all the time and last longer. It would get many more miles per gallon because it will beso small. The dis advantage is you could not run the car on the turbine alone. But that is how you would increase the cars final miles per gallon. You may be able to get double the battery miles now. Soon as they design a batterythat get 150 miles from it that would be 300 miles a day you can drive. Plenty for most people even on a trip.


    This same small 10k turbone would be able tobe sold as a stand alone generator to millions of campers and construction people.

    The first company that offers a turbine generator will corneer the market instantly.
    This design would double the benefits.

    I have many other ideas the engineers and management should look into. I posted the use of a turbine in a bus or truck 5 years ago long before they ever thought of it. Someone must of finally read the message board.

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    • The smaller the turbine, the worse the efficiency. Much worse. C30 26% C200 34% And, then there is the price. A C30 sells for $25,000. A c15 in mass quantities would still be $7000. A 15k diesel generator can be built for $3000, get 37% efficiency and give plenty of waste heat.

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      • Good link but they were way ahead of their time. If I remember correctly Chrysler came out with the Patriot race car before they did and it used a Carbon fiber horizontal flywheel to store energy and a turbine engine that ran on propane. It might have been a Garret. The problem was the surface speed of the outer diameter of the flywheel was constantly at the verge of disinigration. So it was to damgerous for production use. As for the Tesla they may have the same danger problem after the Sony laptops started exploding from over heating when charged. Now Bob Lutz may be smarter than everyone thinks because he waited for other to try and came up with a better battery in the end. The Volt will use a Litioum Ion Phosphate battery that is completlely safe and will not blow up when charging or when over heated. It can even be shorted out in a crash with out any explosions. I think GM will have a big lead over the Prius Metal Hydride battery and take the world by storm once they release the Volt. The battery company that will make the battery for them is located in Mass and the parent company is owned by Chevron. Keep an eye out for the IPO.

        Link to A123 Systems battery Web site

        Here is a link to the fastest motorcycle in the world using A123 batteries

        So if Capstone wanted to sell turbines like they should be they would be teaming up with companies like mine to market their products. Just like this company is doing with their batteries. They are snooooooooozing. I could be selling their units for 1/100 of the money they are spending now on marketing and producing more sales that they are.

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