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  • wsquared58 wsquared58 Jul 4, 2009 1:06 PM Flag

    OT: Sarah Palin kicks of Presidential run? WTF?

    Whats up with just quitting the governorship? Is she gearing up for a primary run for the Republican nomination for president? Lucrative job offer? Diva impetuousness?

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    • Funny that your seriously right wing zealot Republican mistakes our incredulity for fear.

      As a general rule, I'll stop what I'm doing if Sarah gets her mug in front of a camera, not because I'm in the least bit scared, but because I'm flabbergasted that anyone see's merit in her shtick. "You've got to be kidding me" is the phrase that pops in to my mind most often, followed by thoughts of Tina Fey or Katie Couric

      Vindication for generally quitting voting for Republicans as I see it.

      My last Republican vote being for Mark Sanford and Senator Lindsey Graham.

      Screwed the pooch on the Sanford vote, what with him boo-hooing about his Argentine "Soul Mate".

      Still hanging with Graham though, although I'd vote for a trained chicken before I'd vote for DeMint.

    • "Many Republican senators are also in that list.

      Palin isn't even in the second tier."

      You are absolutely correct. Sarah Palin is not a smart woman. Anyone who has paid attention to what she is all about, and has seen her speak can see this. I find it amazing that there are people out there who consider this empty head smart!

    • So you ARE afraid of her? Again, what a baby.

    • Your analogy is so weak it's laughable; was that bum nominated for natioinal office and was he capable of gathering moronic, superstitious mouth-breathers (other than yourself) behind him?

    • Correct.

    • "I think I told you I was homeless when I was younger."

      Well, considering I lived in a ragged tent in the woods for a year due to unemployment and other personal reasons, you have no lock on the homeless banner.

      " you can't figure out where to put her in your categories"

      Oh, mark my words, we know exactly what slot to park her in. That would be the slot with the heading "right wing fringe zealot"

      What we are fascinated with is the realization that any national party would even consider someone so ill-equipped for national office, much less actually sticking them in a slot one step away from "the button".

      Make no mistake, I see, and listen to many Republican men and women who, while I may disagree with their policies, I acknowledge as being exceedingly smart. Newt would top that list. Many Republican senators are also in that list.

      Palin isn't even in the second tier.

      The population of Alaska doesn't even hit that of many mid-sized cities in the lower 48. Hwo many stupid mayors are there in the country? Plenty.

      I want my elected officials to be smart, and well informed in both national and international issues, regardless of their political stripe. Not someone whose reading material consists of Entertainment magazine.

    • I think I told you I was homeless when I was younger. I often talk with the panhandlers. One of them in town drives over from another town, sets up next to Walmart and does his eight hours of panhandling. The Post Office guy just lost everything, has no assets, and grew old without enough to get by on. He could probably work in some capacity but my guess is, his mind gets in the way...and my guess is, you Dems just have a fixation on Palin because you can't figure out where to put her in your categories. You should worry more about finding the dark horse...the Bill Clinton of the Right, a populist Governor close enough to the center who captures the disillusionment of those now and in the future changing their mind about who they believe in.

    • "That does not make him dangerous. "

      You hope. Are you a doctor? Why not engage him in some conversation and bait him, like Palin did a some of her rallies, and see what happens.

    • I see a bum on the way to the post office who says a lot of strange things. That does not make him dangerous. Last time I looked, there are 50 governors and many of them could have more impact on future elections than one from Alaska. Again, you are a pussy and a fearmonger.

    • Don't think of her as quitting.....

      She just skipped a grade!!

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      • Why are there 47 responses to the initial post in this thread?

        By QUITTING, the dumb blonde made herself irrelevant.

        She no longer exists.

        Back to South Dakota, Goldie-locks.

        Stay home and never be heard from again, O you of no courage.

        TR, the "Man in the Arena" would be ashamed of you.

        I'll be John McCain is ashamed of you, too.

        Once you QUIT, all real Americans will never again say your name.

        That cowardly name is not repeated here.


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