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  • jimcarrera47 jimcarrera47 Aug 14, 2009 10:14 PM Flag

    Carrier question

    Hey Ws2
    I've supported and touted Caps technology for several years. At present I have 23.7k shares at an ave of .93 I'm worried at this point as I'm retired out of the oil industry. Have been trained on turbins by Solar which at the time was a sub div of CAT ect. Basically is the UL cert for the C200 have more weight than stim money or possible buy out by UTC? Feel like I can't afford to gamble. I respect your knowledge and input along with many others. LOL Thanks for any input. PS had a few barley POPs jim

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    • I'm probably the wrong guy to ask. I've bought in based on an expected expansion of the C200 product line. As is blatently obvious to a blind man, some vehemently disagree with this strategy. I think that the company is close to a neutral cash flow position but is fighting some headwinds in the market. Chief among these is the new technology aspect of Capstones product. Diesels, and diesel mechanics are literally a dime a dozen. Not so with the Capstone product. You buy a capper and you are married to Capstone for the duration. Not like you can look in the yellow pages for a turbine mechanic.

      Regarding stimulus money and/or the UL certification. Something tells me that there are a bunch of C200 based units sitting on the dock waiting for the word and then they will be shipped. The quarter of the UL approval will probably be a big pay day for Cap.

      Stimulus money is a different animal. I think that the funds will be icing on the cake for a productive final couple of quarters for Capstone. When gas rose to 5 bucks a gallon, that was a wake up call for everyone. A hundred bucks to fill up the tank was an eye opener. While gas prices have nothing to do with Capstone directly, it may have been the catalyst for a more clean and efficient energy strategy going forward. Politically, cleaner, greener technologies will probably be more in favor for the next few years. Cap hits the mark in this regard.

      I completely discount a buyout in the foreseeable future.

      Be aware, this is my OPINION. Many would disagree with the views I've expressed QUITE VOCALLY.

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