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  • weatherwiz2010 weatherwiz2010 Feb 10, 2010 12:31 PM Flag

    Global Warming Truth

    Quite a discussion you guys are having on Global Warming. Funny how everybody and their uncle has suddenly become "climate experts". Dems all jump on the Al Gore bandwagon and claim beyond a doubt that it is man-made warming, Republicans mock the theory and point to every major snowstorm or cold snap to disprove it.

    You're ALL WRONG!! Even the climatologist don't know the answer difinitively. I worked for NOAA (National Weather Service) for 27 years, so I know a bit about the topic.

    Science has shown with some degree of certainty that we are indeed warming, but it's far from showing that the CAUSE is man. What became of the 11-year sunspot cycle that has been shown to influence earth weather patterns? Last I knew, that sun still goes through it's gyrations.

    Climate has always changed on this planet and always will and man really can't do squat about it, except waste trillions of dollars in a feeble attempt to alter Mother Nature. While we're at it, maybe we could do something about those pesky hurricanes too (Don't hold your breath).

    I'm all for alternative energy eventually replacing fossil fuels, but not so fast that we bankrupt ourselves. Getting all hysterical and crying that the sky is falling due to man-made causes before science has proven it does not help matters.

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    • I picked the first message of yours, come nothing, Dolo. I wish you luck, and hope you will find it. You seem a nice woman all right, but I am already about to get married come Feb 28, so cross me out from your list, please. Let the other lucky guy snug you and be happy forever. Lord knows you are worth any pursuit a man would want. That is to say, you are the best any man would want for a wife.

    • I do hope someone here picks up your lone lovely song of a dove, dolo. You have the urgent passion of a hawk, and the grace of a dove pecking the sunflowers given.

      Bless your heart, dolo.

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    • Stubby Intercourse-Head, "YOU" keep talking about OBAMA!!!

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    • I have enough time to shoot some breeze, dolo. I have not been to trying insult you in any way whatsover until you picked it up. It is up to you to be civil or be ornery.

      I am here on this board to promote CPST, and nothing more.
      Your personality is not anything I am concerned about. If you persist with your impertinence, a simple ignore will shut you out for me. Your choice, moppet.

    • Not being ridiculous at all, just responding to your insults. If you don't mean to insult, perhaps you should read back over your posts and think about what you've written. Personal attacks are never a legitimate response to an argument. There's nothing ridiculous about that, unless you're having a hard time comprehending what I've said.

      Do you want to just keep shoving insults? I've got all night, as I'm updating some databases. Not sure what good it does, everything I say to you seems to breeze right over your head.

    • I have no itention to insult you, my friend, really. I suggest you hook up with other people more compatible with your perceptions and let them be your target. You should have no trouble finding them. Just stay positive, moppet, sober or drunk.

      <Trust me, I'm done looking over your posts. n
      I will never understand the way people like you take to personal attacks when you can't win on the facts. It makes any possibility of taking your arguments seriously absolutely impossible. Perhaps your own sobriety should be examined.
      How ridiculous you are....-dolo>

    • I forgot....Gooooooo CAPPY! ; )

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