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  • realityrocks22 realityrocks22 Feb 26, 2011 5:07 PM Flag

    The trend is Republicans destroying middle class jobs

    ...and creating more wealth for the rich, and a bigger gap between them and the quickly shrinking middle class. The top .5% of the wealthy rule the planet. _____Dave_____,0,6911223.story

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    • directly, evil takes all forms!
      and hides where it can...inside the respectable PETA for instance!
      ask Bill Ayers!about his motives for violence!

    • You're right. I stand corrected. Show us how it's donw, texas-whatever your name is.

    • I am curious for everyone that keeps speaking about labor, I have one question; Where would they work if someone didn't come up with an idea and develope a business?

      Sombody made a statement that the elite rich don't create jobs, Really? So Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Mark Zuckerberg haven't created any jobs? There is nothing wrong with working an honest job as a laborer, but stop with the jeolous statments that the rich should pay for everything. Anybody has the ability to take a risk with an idea, whatever that idea may be. If they get lucky and make it big, why should they be penalized? They should be complimented and maybe celebrated.

      By the way I doubt we can all agree what rich means. The government wants to say that anyone that makes $250k is rich. I think that is crap. If you live in the Northeast and have a modest house with two kids, you are just getting by. If you want to talk about unfair, why do I have to pay the same taxes as someone making comprable money in the middle of the country where the cost of living is much cheaper than mine?

      The fact is we have to find a tax system that will fit for a very diverse population across the entire country. The tax code is structured in such a way that it is used to control what people do with their money by either creating incentives to do something or penalizing a behavior.

      I think we have to face facts. We are all not equal. There are people that are smarter than others, or have better luck or are stronger. That is life. Stop crying that someone owes you something. How about recognize that the playing field is not level and we have to find our way. Nobody deserves to be handed anything or expect that someone else should pay their way because they have more money and you don't. Accept your position or do something about it. We do not live in a fair and balance world.

    • I agree. The republicans are our domestic and
      foreign enemy

    • If we are to watch our wages and benefits decrease to be more in line with the global labor market, and as we out-source more jobs overseas, then America needs to beef up it's brain power to develop and supervise new technologies. The problem with this is we are steadily decreasing support for public education. Our young people need to be prepared to lead the way...but many of us are too short-sighted to see this. Will CPST management, for instance, see out-sourcing labor as a way to be price competitive in the future? Let us hope not.

    • so, then
      the party in control the most is the (ir)responsible party?

    • The connection has been presented here before, but you did not get it, stox.

      <if one political party had control of the govt for an extended period of time, shouldn't we look at their relationship to the wealthy?>

    • The Republicians are destroying the middle class?

      What about the Federal Government with their regulations and taxes?

      Why wouldn't a company go overseas to produce their goods? China and India don't have an EPA with cap and trade regulations, nor do they have a 35% corporate tax in place.

      When are you lib-tards going to get it....neither the government nor the unions CREATE jobs. They are parasites on the host of job creators!!!!!!!

    • if one political party had control of the govt for an extended period of time, shouldn't we look at their relationship to the wealthy?
      perhaps to determine just who is complicit in this stealth of wealth!

    • The rich are taxed at the highest rates in the nation. The rich produce products/services that employ people. You as a consumer have a choice to purchase or not purchase. Their products and services are fruits of their labor. Taxes and regulations restrict and limit producers of the products and services we consume. IE, not drilling off the coast, no coal mining in WV, EPA restrictions, socialized medicine, increased tax brackets (250K and your rich,lol). Bottom line when wealth is redistributed vs created and we live in an environment of ever increasing entitlements that have peopel feed off of each other, sooner or later you get bit. The only person in my pocket is Uncle Sammy. Get out.

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      • " The rich produce products/services that employ people."

        Were that still true, it would prove the old cliche about "A rising tide lifts all boats."

        The problem is that while it makes for a good canned statement about how the rich are the job creators in this country, in case you missed it they AIN'T creating jobs to facilitate upward mobility of those below them.
        Why do yoou think that the gap between the wealthy and the rest of America is widening? Because they are creating upward mobility of those less wealthy?
        Nope, slick. The gap is widening because they AREN'T creating jobs for those below them. They are putting that money in their pocket, buying a second home in the Hamptons, a Yacht on the Riviera, and the 4th Rolls in the garage.

        The fact that the gap between the rich and the rest of America is widening is the proof that the tired old Republican mantra of the "rich create jobs" is just that. A tired old cliche, that sadly hasn't been true for years.
        The middle class is loosing ground against inflation while the wealthy are beating inflation increases year over year.

        If they were really creating jobs and helping upward mobility the middle classes "boat" (income) would be rising along with the wealthy's.
        Were it true, the rich would be getting richer AND the middle class would be getting richer too.
        Even a casual look at median incomes of the various strata of American citizens disproves that notion.
        You keep believing it though, if it makes you feel better.

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